Project CARS 2 vs Forza 7 Graphics Comparison – Nissan GT-R Nurbürgring Wet Run

There can be only one king of this year’s Racing Games. And here we have two pretenders for that title. Forza Motorsport 7 which Demo version has been recently released for Xbox and Project CARS 2 which final edition debuted just few days ago.
Both games have dynamic weather effect so that is a great opportunity to check them in action and compare which one looks better.
Please note that Forza 7 gameplay was captured on Xbox One S meanwhile Project CARS 2 is powered by PS4 Pro.

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thekhurg329d ago

Didn't watch the video, but from the thumb nail - I like the graphics of the game on the left more.

4Sh0w329d ago

Well yeah Forza7 weather looks like a storm, while PC2 looks like it's just raining. Forza7 just looks way more immersive -look at the environment, the water coming off the cars, the rain drops everywhere, and how the water puddles up on the road. PC2 looks more basic and the roads barely look wet.

Rude-ro329d ago

Is the green fog on forza more realistic?
Looks like one game is I. The matrix and the other is out of it.

Lamboomington329d ago

Forza is definitely better looking. If you're on console, GT and Forza easily beat PCars2.

If you're on a good PC, there are times when PCars 2 looks absolutely fantastic. The day-night cycles + weather are very impressive to play through. It is inconsistent though, and there are still many graphical issues here and there. Even with the impressive graphics on PC, Forza 7 on PC would probably be the better option if you're talking purely about graphics.

glenn1979329d ago

I agree FORZA look better, you cant go wrong with PC2,FORZA7 or GT

Mystogan329d ago (Edited 329d ago )

Definitely it just looks more realistic. Not that PC2 is bad looking at all. I just think Turn10 out-budgeted them. They had the budget to make it just a level above PC2. Forza graphics imo are a 9.5/10, I have no idea how they're gonna make Forza 8 look even better. Is it even possible at this point on current (xb1x)hardware, with the software techniques we know of?

Project Cars 2 is an 8/10 there are some obvious flaws that take away from its realism. Like the rain and the cars look like toys at some angles.

GT Sport is a 6.5/10, It looks great in some of their bullshots and some gifs but looking at it in-game you wonder what Polyphony has been doing for the last 4 years.

Look at this,
It's literally not even in the same league as Forza 7 and PC2. It looks like competition for Forza 6.

Ju328d ago

I could understand FZ7 "looks better", but "more realistic" is debatable. FZ has the better fog, PC2 overall is too "bright", but the water on the track and water behind your car is more realistic in PC2; puddles look physically more correct; static water on the windshield in FZ7 hardly moves at 130mph (only drops hitting the window), while you clearly see the wind stripes in PC2 and better dynamic there. Neither show rain realistically. Realistically, in rain, you probably wouldn't even see the second car in front of you. Of course this is compromised otherwise it probably would be unplayable.

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Matrix6329d ago

Comparing the games on two different consoles, maybe I'll watch a video if both games ran on the same console for comparison, eh? :p

quenomamen329d ago

PCars 2 looks too clean, and sharp. Forza looks more reallistic, look at the road. but I still think non of these beats Drive Club's weather system.

Movefasta1993329d ago

If it's 30 it doesn't count when comparing racers running at 60 with twice the level of cars on track

TKCMuzzer329d ago

It may not count here but artwise, Driveclub weather effects are fantastic, maybe, just maybe, the next generation will provide 60FPS with Driveclubs weather effects. Something to look forward to.

Yi-Long329d ago

... I know opinions will differ from mine, but I rather have the lush gorgeous extremely detailed environments and locations in 30fps in Driveclub, instead of bland tracks in circuit racers in empty boring locations.

Also, keep in mind Driveclub is now already around 3 years old. It's just amazing that in many ways it's still the best looking racer on the market. Plus I LOVE the gameplay itself.

Lamboomington329d ago (Edited 329d ago )

Driveclub runs at half the framerate of both. That's what made the graphics in that game possible. That said, I'm not downplaying the work Evo put into that rain... it obviously took a lot of work to get it looking like that

Bobafret329d ago

Evo should just farm out their weather effects to everyone, like a Speedtree type thing.

329d ago
hamburgerhill329d ago

Definitely a nice rain weather system but Forza is looking better to me minus the Drive Club rain drops.

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Movefasta1993329d ago

An exclusive will mostly?always look better than a 3rd party game,it's always been like this.

Lamboomington329d ago

Don't know why you're getting disagrees. That's pretty uch 100% true and always has been true.

babadivad329d ago

He's getting disagrees because it's an Xbox exclusive.

TKCMuzzer329d ago

Also, can't you have a stupid amount of cars in a race on Project Cars 2? If so, the engine would have to be designed for this kind of flexibility across formats. But yes, an exclusive should look better as they only have one focus.

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