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Another NBA 2K has arrived, and the enhancements to MyCareer and the continued focus on authentic presentation and solid mechanics makes for another strong year for the basketball simulator.

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ifrit_caress302d ago

Are you high? the microtransactions in this game ruins it almost to death. No way is this game a 9/10.

Sathur301d ago

Micro transactions are a killer in this game. But i dont buy anything in game with real money. Forget tricks and tips to get in game money quick. Play season mode and gain money that way. Be patient. Enjoy the game and before you know it you will have a stash of in game free virtua coins to dip your toes into MyPlayer and other modes for free without having to spend any real money.NBA 2K18 rocks on Nintendo Switch.

BQ32301d ago

C'mon man , the gameplay is the best it has been in quite some time but the greed has taken over the product. Just take a quick look at the the metacritic user score. Last I Checked it was in the 3s and this series has the hardest core fanboys of any sports games I've seen. They have overstepped and it is severely tainting their product. Shameful after the debacle last year's gameplay turned out to be this one plays significantly better, but if you want to enjoy it's marquee mode and actually be competitive be ready to shell out another 50 and endless grinding. God forbid you make a.mistake and don't like what you picked, all that money and grinding for nothing. Meanwhile the competition has a fun alternative that cost nothing additional and very minimal grinding.

nowitzki2004301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

Microtransactions ruin it if you are too lazy to put in some work.

ifrit_caress301d ago

I have patience, but how can you enjoy progressing in the game with such an atrocious level of grinding, the kind of grinding that you find in a freemium game?