Daily Star - Xbox One X: World’s most powerful 4K console blows the competition out the water

MICROSOFT'S Xbox One X is out this November. We've had the chance to preview the console and it really is the world’s most powerful 4K console around.

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corroios244d ago

Old, spec wise we already know this from 2016 E3. Its easy to do the math.

But i wouldnt talk about high end gaming PC´s on the news, because that just crazy. PC gaming is another world and the jump, tech wise, is huge.

A High end gaming PC got 5 or 6 times more CPU power, got 2 or more GPU power and so on. They are expensive, but reach another level. I

freshslicepizza244d ago

PC's are also not streamlined just for gaming. To simply compare specs is not really a viable way to compare the two. Forza 7 is already showing how it compares to high end PC's because that is a game that can easily compare the two since it is designed by the same studio who is pushing each platform. It will take a much more expensive PC to push the same level of performance the XB1X offers, that is the story here.

4Sh0w243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

lol, bluefox and megaman why are you guys tag teaming moldy?

moldy response to corroios was in fact very true with nothing off the wall or waaay out there like maybe he does at other times, the fact that he has so many downvotes without *one single common sense response shows how irrevalent that system can be n4g.

jebabcock243d ago

I think you are neglecting a key element here. It is called porting. It is very likely that Forza was built around all the strengths of the X1X and then ported to PC. Forza is a traditional X1 game and all the focus would be on making sure it was optimized for the X1X to showcase it. Likely it would take a more powerful PC than what is currently in the X1X simply because of being ported. It is why PC gamers always complain about the bugs and performance issues. They more often than not get ports of console games that take little into consideration of architectural differences and rely on a vastly more performant PC to make up the difference.

I don't think what you are describing ever really is an apples to apples to comparison even from one PC configuration to the next.

I do agree that consoles traditionally have not required as much overhead and are streamlined, but your argument there became less viable once the X1 started being built off of the windows OS platform. Windows in general is a pretty bloated OS not known for optimization or being streamlined for gaming. While the latest iterations of DX may help with graphics processing it will help less with the X1X than it will with a PC. When stepping away from graphics, the CPU, disk IO, and key components take a hit for utilizing windows. Mostly X1X in general has been becoming more like a PC meaning its less and less streamlined for gaming.

Ultimately MS shifted to windows to make the porting easier so that games made for PC or vice versa had a common platform to be developed on. But doing that does come with some meaningful compromises that most people don't understand as noted above.

The primary reason the X1 is getting the game support it is getting despite lackluster sales is due to portability of games.

The downside is that if PC developers start porting games designed for high-end PCs, its not going to look good for the X1X without the PC devs taking a substantial time to make a higher end game work on an X1(as well as an X1 until some point when MS says that there are X1X exclusives).

MS has to sell developers on the idea that it is better to build for the X1X and then just port, and that the sales for that game will be better than simply making a PC game. Despite what some think, it is a pretty good strategy given their position and has a meaningful chance of success. The X1X being powerful is only meaningful if people adopt it. The Core PS4 is still by far the Top selling console with the switch coming in second. This implies that in general people are presently satisfied with what is being offered from a graphic complexity. Maybe a couple years from now that might be a whole different story though. I wonder if this kind of upgrade wasn't premature given current sales observations.

I personally predict the X1X will sell several million through the holidays based on the more hardcore fanbase being ready to upgrade. After that, it is ultimately going to fall back to the game library. I won't argue about having good games as that is always debatable. The problem is that MS has to get people to buy the games(which they have struggled to do this whole gen). If all they can seem to market and sell are 2-3 franchise exclusives at above average volumes and a handful of indie gems, that is not really promising for any massive upshift in adoption nor is it going to continue to generate the desired revenues.

The biggest question on my mind is really whether the large drop in X1 sales this year is in anticipation of the X1X or if it is a warning sign. It will be interesting to observe what happens over the holidays.

Ju242d ago

Ya, Fora 7. It totally shows the superiority:

Glad you said it.

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gamer7804243d ago

Expensive and alot bigger, this thing is tiny, have to respect the engineering

TankCrossing243d ago

If it is quiet I will definitely respect the engineering. If it is noisy I will miss the rudimentary box with external power brick.

zerocarnage243d ago

That's true it is tiny for what it has inside of it and respect must be given to the design and research teams at ms.

timotim243d ago

haha...yeah and about 2 to 3 times more expensive! You get what you pay for. How many people are paying for these high-end PCs though...not many

ShawnardAgain243d ago

I made the leap a few years back. While I still have a special place in my heart for console gaming, playing on pc at higher refresh rates and/or resolutions has been amazing. It's also a way for me to satiate my tinkering fix.

I think that something a lot of people forget is that most people have a decent computer in their house. The difference between that decent computer and a "gaming" computer may only be 200$ for a gpu. This is why I think in the long run companies like Dell and Hp are going to continue to make more affordable gaming pc and bring the entry level price back down. Also my pc is used for way more than just gaming. Xbox tried and failed to incorporate TV into their system and besides Netflix and other streaming services they haven't found something to add functionality to consoles. Hopefully they do as I did enjoy what they were going with at first. I loved their original plan for Xbox one. They were making steam boxes and nobody wanted that. Oh well.

sd11243d ago

Yet at the same time Forza 7 in high settings runs at 60fps in 4k on a 1080ti. You should look at how the pc games using 1070, 1080 and 1080ti's perform in comparison to the Xbox X. It really is doing quite well. Quantum break for example on an overclocked 1080ti can't reach as stable 60fps at 1440p. Yet it still runs in 1440p at 30fps on the Xbox X. While lower fps than the PC counterpart the pc version utilises an OC 1080ti.

OpenGL243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

I was able to run Forza 7 on max settings at native 4K with 8xMSAA enabled and hold a locked 60fps on my 1080Ti. The Xbox One X version is definitely not running the game at these visual settings or AA quality.

As to Quantum Break, if you watched the video it's not 30fps on Xbox One X at 1440p and it's not the equivalent of PC max settings anyway. If you choose the 1080p mode on Xbox One X you get 30fps, while the 1080Ti can play Quantum Break at max settings with a locked 60fps in 1080p.

sd11243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

@opengl . Yes i agree, my point was to compare one of the most powerful gpus on the market to the xbox x. I fully expect the 1080ti to outperform it, but if you compare what the x can do next to this card then it is very impressive. Also QB runs 38-42fps. Search for quantum break 1440p benchmarks with 1080ti and you will see. So getting it running in 1440p at all on the x is impressive plus it was an early build that could improve.

OpenGL243d ago

sd11, I own a 1080Ti and a 1440p display, I don't need to search benchmarks. The performance comparison is pointless as the Xbox One didn't use anywhere close to the equivalent of max settings and the Xbox One X likely does not either. It's probably still the medium quality setting for lighting, which is what has the biggest impact on performance in Quantum Break.

So far all the Xbox One X has done with Quantum Break is increase the resolution by exactly 4x but with worse performance than it had on the regular Xbox One. This is not an impressive outing for the system regardless of how demanding the game is, we were promised 4K or near-4K experiences with the same or better performance.

Ju243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

Of course this yet again deserves a fanboy comment. Same when Pro titles were laughed at when they performed worse then the standard version (despite the x amount of more pixels being rendered) when the XoX and QB does the exact same thing (performing worse than the XO with drops regularly to 28fps) this is still sold as an achievement to us. Double standards yet again - and nobody every questioned that before if there is a reason for the performance drop - why is this now a valid point? Who didn't see that coming.

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Bobafret243d ago

The expense is not worth the bump in graphics, I know because I have spent quite a bit on my gaming rig.

rainslacker243d ago

Worth is a very personal thing. I'm sure some people feel it's worth it, or at least currently expect it to be worth it.

More power to them.

EatCrow243d ago

If anything you should compare it to mid gen pcs which are more the norm. Not high end which are the exception.

MattSomething243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

I think you mean 5 or 6 times the price not power. One of the most powerful retail graphics cards is a Titan XP at 12tf while XBOX is 6tf. That only double the power. While the Titan XP is $1,200 just for the card and an XBOX is $500.

jmc8888243d ago (Edited 243d ago )


5-6x the CPU power. Which turns situations where say if an X1X had the same CPU it would be running at 80-100 FPS instead of 35-45 locked down to 30.

A GTX 1070 is a class above what's in the X1X. When overclocked, not hard and not extreme, you get about 7+ TFlops, which is effectually about 50 percent more then what X1X has as it performs about as well as about 9 TFLops AMD. All coupled with a processor that can easily be 5-6x what's in the X1X.

Or if you bought the i7 920 back in 2008 for $229 and are still running that PC, it would still be like 3x the CPU.

In other words, you could have built a PC for $1200 back in 2008-2009, and just bought GPU upgrades every so often. Like a GTX 670, the 1070, and you would consistently of had basically top notch graphics and high framerate for about a decade for about $2,000. Maybe add a ram upgrade for ~$100.

Meanwhile for consoles (which I own and love too) people in 2013 could of spent $499, then in 2017 $499. That's 1k and only covers 4 years and you never get consistent 60 FPS, let alone 100-120 which you can get. Hell on stuff like Battlefield, Doom, and even the Destiny 2 PC beta you could hit 150-200 FPS at times. Also no $60 yearly online fee either.

Neonridr243d ago

yeah but consoles can do more with less than a PC can since consoles have more direct access to things when it's all built on the same chipset or board. PC's are plug and play which can't be accessed as fast since it's all separate components. So while a PC may require X graphics card to do 4k @ 30fps, a console can sometimes get away with less.

Nathan_Hale53243d ago

Eh, get some used parts and it will still be expensive, but not by much, and really over power the X. Take a i7 that is at least Sandy Bridge for 90-110, a 50-70 dollar Mobo to match, a used GTX 980 for 220, or a RX 480 after the bs mining phase, a 500 watt psu for 40, 8 gigs of ram for 20-40, a case 30-any, a $50 hard drive and bam, out powers the power of the X for around $50 more. You can also rock many other things to reduce the price, I added up the most expensive things just to do so. Oh, and yeah no windows, but consider using free Windows 10 for a bit then pay for that later as Xbox Live would cost more than Windows 10 in 2 months.

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244d ago
Silly gameAr244d ago ShowReplies(7)
whiteblue243d ago

Not much reason to buy this console with the next gen so close

ClanPsi1243d ago

I wouldn't really say close. It's still probably at least two years away, if not three. That being said, the amount of time and money M$ put into R&D for this mid-cycle upgrade is just downright stupid. There's absolutely no way they can hope to make back the cost of its development.

zerocarnage243d ago

If Sony bring the ps5 out in 2020 or 21 then the next Xbox new gen console will be at least 22 or even 23 that's at least a 4 to 6 year wait and it's more than enough to get some revenue back from the sales.

Not to mention ms doesn't care about a loss on hardware when all they care about is subscribers, if they can get more consoles in New hands bringing in more subscribers then that is a lot more money generated for them alongside X sales. They wont mind a loss at all if it does happen that is which I don't think it will.

ClanPsi1242d ago

@zerocarnage Where are you getting your bullshyte information? Don't care about taking a loss? 4-6 years until their next console? You need to clean out your pooper there, bud, because there's nothing good coming out of it.
The only way M$ can gain marketshare is if they are first to a new generation, like they were with the 360. They launched at the same time as Sony this gen and they're behind 2:1 in sales. If they launched a next-gen console a year after Sony they'd be completely fukt. There's also no way they're selling a console at a loss again, as they've very blatantly stated innumerable times.

MrFisher21243d ago

Exactly. The 3rd party beast. Lol. Rather get a Switch personally.

zerocarnage243d ago

That is a comment that really doesn't matter when the millions of Xbox live subs are happy. To Xbox gamers games can be in whatever party so long as they enjoy them and that it pulls them In and there's more than enough of a market of games on Xbox to keep people occupied.

343_Guilty_Spark243d ago

What would Sony rush be to go next gen?

InTheZoneAC243d ago

Because your miserable MS were forced to rush because of PS4 you think some mid-gen no game machine is going to force Sony's hand? Ohkai!!!!!......

Neonridr243d ago

pretty sure Sony was the one who rushed.. Pro came first if I am not mistaken :P

itsmebryan243d ago

But, the question is what will "Next gen" PS5 do that the X1X can't do? 4K? X1x does that. [email protected]? X1x does that.

I think MS did a very smart move because the best PS5 can do is [email protected] (That is the most TVs can do) and they beat Sony to the punch. Sony now can only catch up because there is nothing higher that [email protected] and HDR.

Plus the X1X will be cheaper by the time the new PS5 comes out with similar performance.
Hopefully we can have a real discussion.

TKCMuzzer243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

Eh, it needs to be 4k 60fps on all games for next gen. Xbox one X, just like the pro has select titles.
How will performance be similar, the PS5 will be at least two years newer.
You are aware that alot of 4K games on the X are not 60fps?

AsunaYuukiTheFlash243d ago

@itsmebryan "what can the PS5 do that the Xbox One X can't? "


Ju243d ago

The next gen needs to break with the current CPU. ANd with say 16GB and 10+Tf there is potential not only to render higher res, but also target those 60fps @ 4K and increase visual fidelity quite a bit

InTheZoneAC243d ago

There's just no way a human can function in life with that serious delusion. Spybot?

jmc8888243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

X1X barely does 4k/60 for games that came out in 2013-2017.

Do people not understand how this works? The power needed to run 4k/60 continually goes up, because the graphics and processes at 4k/60 (or ANY resolution) constantly goes up.

Just like you could at one time have rock solid 1080/60 off 0.8 TFlops at beyond console settings, you now can literally utilize almost 10x that amount for 1080/60.

Same thing for 4k. 4k at 2 TFlops to 4k at 50 TFLops. Same thing.

X1X is not that powerful, and the PS5/X2 will run circles around the X1X necessitating that games on X1X either won't be able to play those games, or only play them at like 1080/30 with dips.

quenomamen243d ago

Hey look its the president of Sony telling us what the PS5 will do. Hey why dont you tell everything about it, got any pics ? Lol apparently Xboys can see the future, and if you csn than I'm sure MS losing this gen us no surprise right ?

itsmebryan243d ago

You have to realize as time goes on devs will get even more out of the X1X and the performance will improve. Even before launch it has more enhanced games than the Pro after about a year. I will wait to see what happens when PS5 comes out.

DigitalRaptor243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

XB1X will do checkerboard-rendered 4K on most games that aren't low-demanding indie games.

XB1X will do native [email protected] on a very small selection of games that aren't low-demanding indie games.

Just take a look at 2016's Quantum Break which can't even manage a native 4K or a locked 30fps frame rate on the X. How do you think that newer cutting-edge games going to manage? Most of Microsoft's first-party bigger-budget games are going to be 30fps on this "beast". It's not going to be the last time this happens.

So... you've gone ahead you've been absorbed by MS's hype and misleading statements and made a broad assumption which is disconnected from what is actually going to be the case. The PS5 will have a significantly greater amount of RAM than the XB1X. It will have a much stronger GPU and teraflop throughput to enable native 4K and a much, much stronger CPU compared to the one that has been holding frame rates back this generation.

So lower your expectations for the XB1X. Get used to checkerboard rendered 4K that PS4 Pro is also doing. Having said that, it's actually smarter (at this point) to do checkerboard rendering to reach 4K because the difference between that and native resolution is actually not huge and it saves resources instead to use in other areas instead of brute forcing to native 4K and leaving other areas lacking.

The difference though, is that MS is giving Xbox gamers flat-out lying statements like "true 4K resolution", "no boundaries", "no limitations", and "no compromises" ( ) to describe their newest hardware and it's some of the most dishonest crap I've ever witnessed. That's probably why you said what you said - you have chosen to believe them.
You want a real discussion but you are so disconnected from the reality of the situation that you're in no state to provide anything meaningful.

If the XB1X is cheaper when the PS5 comes out and there are still no amazing exclusive games to give people a reason to buy it over the PS4, then people will still continue to buy the PS4 over the XB1. The XB1X being cheaper will have no impact on a PS5 with truly desirable exclusive games, vastly increased performance and a global mindshare that is not going anywhere.

shinoff2183242d ago

Thing is playstation still actually has games to play so enjoy those movies at 4k.

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zerocarnage243d ago

Not really, there is every reason to purchase it. Ms new gen console will be at least 4-5 years away I think if not little bit longer, that is a fair wait for people wanting something more new and more powerful.

EatCrow243d ago

If thats the case then this is by far the worst gen in gaming.

HighlyDoubtful243d ago

Then don't buy it? Knew the salty ones would be all over this article, you guys just can't help yourselves and it's fucking hilarious seeing you all get so ANGRY! You're so MAD it's ridiculous!

brich233243d ago

What makes you think Microsoft is making another console? Eventually they will faze out the original Xbox One and than everyone will need the X.

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