PS4 vs Xbox One vs Switch USA Lifetime Sales – July 2017 Update

The Switch outsold the PlayStation 4 in July by 918 units for the month and the Xbox One by 120,173 units. The PlayStation 4 outsold the Xbox One by 119,255 units.

When you compare monthly sales to a year ago the PlayStation 4 is up and the Xbox One is down. The PlayStation 4 is up 60,798 units and the Xbox One is down 69,084 units.

Looking at market share for the month, the Switch managed to achieve 41 percent. The PlayStation 4 accounted for 40 percent of the consoles sold, and the Xbox One 19 percent.

PlayStation 4 Monthly Sales: 221,403

Xbox One Monthly Sales: 102,148

Switch Monthly Sales: 222,321

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FallenAngel1984427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

Good lord look at those numbers for Xbox One. If it's sales are that low in its biggest territory, just think about its sales in other markets for that month

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Sam Fisher427d ago

Everyone keeps disagreeing with me but the stocks on Xbox has decreased, its good time to purchase them like a foreclosed house and wait till the next big thing on ms and that where you sell it

Eonjay427d ago

The are probably just making room for the LoRs bundles. and the inevitable Forza bundle in a few weeks.

-Foxtrot426d ago

How is Phil still in charge when he's let 2 Japanese console rivals pass them in their home territory? Maybe the Xbox One X is his final stand and they are waiting to see how it plays out...I'll be very surprised if he makes it into next year to be honest.

I wonder what will happen if the Xbox One X doesn't do anything for them or makes little seriously what will they do?

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XiNatsuDragnel427d ago

Xbox One is just falling behind everyone even in their own territory.

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DigitalRaptor427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

How bizarre at this point, to see Xbox sales in its home territory being behind that of 2 Japanese giants.

deadfrag427d ago

Not bizarre at all!One have the games to sell consoles the other not so much!

IamTylerDurden1426d ago

MS deserves these poor sales. U can't go 9 months and release Halo Wars and Voodoo Vince and expect sales while the competition delivers killers like Horizon, Nioh, P5, GR2, Uncharted, Crash, Zelda, Splatoon, MK8 ect.

XtreemGamer427d ago

One can only imagine what those numbers are for Europe and the rest of the world... My guess is 5:1 for PS4.

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The story is too old to be commented.