Warframe Already Supports PS4 Pro Benefits, Dev Looking Forward To What The Xbox One X Can Do

It should be interesting to see if Warframe will leverage the additional hardware in the Xbox One X in any specific way. Warframe is out now on the PS4 and Xbox One, in addition to being out on PC.

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slavish0456d ago

4k60 announcement coming. It runs at [email protected] on base xbox. Not sure about pro but i believe ps4 is [email protected]

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WhyHate455d ago

Yes, I can hardly wait to see how they improve this visually weird game.

Pantz454d ago

Let's see what they can do with the most powerful console ever :)

LP-Eleven454d ago (Edited 454d ago )

Nothing they haven't already done on PC. They'll just get the X1X version closer to it.

Tetsujin454d ago

I'm burned out on Warframe, and it will take some new content (besides the open world addition) for me to come back full time outside just logging in for daily.

As far as updating the Xbox, sounds good.

KwietStorm454d ago

If you need more than Eidolon to get back on, you're probably just done.

slavish0454d ago

I burned out before second dream.

bolimekurac454d ago

its a awesome game for f2p and looks so much better and plays better now then when it first came out its a grin but if you like that type of game then warframe is it, deep with great controls and nice graphics

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