Secret of Mana: Original vs. Remake Graphics Comparison

Old versus new.

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Yukes338d ago

The character models look great in the remake, but must say I prefer the beautifully-detailed pixel art for the environments and buildings.

PhoenixUp338d ago

Now compare the Secret of Mana remake visuals to Adventures of Mana and tell me why the former costs $40 while the latter costs $14

mercyblades337d ago

Do you think there is a chance the PS4 and Vita version will be cross-buy? I hope so...

PhoenixUp337d ago

Square Enix isn't a fan of cross-buy so I guess not

337d ago
PhoenixUp337d ago

- It costs more to build assets than to reuse assets.
- Yet this Secret of Mana remake doesn't look anymore ambitious than Adventures of Mana.
- Yeah no shit it's a different game. 🙄 Square Enix is only charging this much because the sequel is a more high profile game than its predecessor and they know people will pay top dollar to play a 3D remake of Secret of Mana than the lesser known Final Fantasy Adventure plain and simple. There's no legitimate reason for this SoM remake to cost 3x as much.

337d ago
PhoenixUp337d ago

You sound very complacent to a publisher overcharging you. This is standard business practice for Square Enix since they like to overcharge for their games. Just look at how Star Ocean 3 costs $21 on PSN while other PS2 Classics for PS4 usually cost $15 for example. I guess you'd find a way to somehow justify that as well.

You know that selling a game at retail isn't going to dramatically up the price right? Shovel Knight for example used to cost $15, and then then released it as retail for $20. Telltale's episodic games usually cost $25 per season on digital stores and $30 at retail.

The Secret of Mana remake has no business costing that much. Not even the 3D remakes for FFIII & FFIV costed that much when they were released, which pokes an even bigger hole in your argument.

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Nebaku337d ago

I keep wondering when game companies will learn to not try HD Rpg's when you don't have the budget to do it. They always end up looking the exact same way, like someone displaced PS4 models into a PS2 era game.