Difference Between Xbox One X And PS4 Pro Is Not As Big In Terms of Development – Streum On Studio

The PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X are rather fundamentally different hardware- the former is an iterative, conservative refresh of its base system, while the latter represents a full, radical overhaul. Indeed, it almost seems as though there is more difference between the hardware of the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro than there was between the vanilla Xbox One and PS4.

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chrisx322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Ps4 pro will have amazing exclusives like God of war, Spiderman, Horizon ZD etc and the xbonex will have mostly 'console launch exclusives'. The Ps4pro is the real Beast.

cbuc1125322d ago

The only other smart guy on this forum. This guy knows what's up.

freshslicepizza322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

What is the highest attach rate of any PS4 exclusive, 10%? Nintendo can hold the claim exclusives matter and can show proof people buy the system to play Nintendo games. The Playstation needs multiplats so stop acting like they play second fiddle to exclsuives. We all know you guys will do anything to downplay the Xbox. This topic is about a multiplat developer talking about how its easy to port games to the midcycle upgrade hardware, not about your fascination with exclusives and segregating communities through exclusion.

thekhurg322d ago


Attach rates are stupid. Rentals and used game sales make up a huge chunk of the industry.

ocelot07322d ago

I like how this moldy guy keeps mentioning how all games will perform better on the XOX like everyone is just going to dump the PS4 and Switch and buy an X. I wonder if he thinks most people bought a PS4 over an XB1 due to the ever so slight power advantage the PS4 had.

Such a trooper fighting the good fight.

hamburgerhill322d ago

It's true PS4 is a beast when it comes to exclusives and maybe just maybe X1X will follow that pass one day. As far as power though, it's a different by story all together.

Xx_Pistol_xX322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

@moldybread People buy Sony because its covers everything from exclusives to multiplats and from AA to AAA. Attach rate is good info but that's really about it. The PS4 has over 100 games that each sold over 1 million copies each.

DARK_WOLF322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Xbox one X has a big power advantage over the pro. Which makes it the best console to play games on.

DARK_WOLF322d ago

Theres more to gaming than a handful of sony exclusives.

rainslacker322d ago


What's the attach rate of the vast majority of exclusives whose name doesn't include Call of Duty, Assaassins Creed, or Destiny?

Multi-plats generally sell with the same relative percentages for attach rate as exclusives, with stand outs and poor sellers for both.

freshslicepizza322d ago

"Multi-plats generally sell with the same relative percentages for attach rate as exclusives"

Then why do so many only want to talk about exclusives? Especially when there are far more multiplat titles to choose from. When this site gives just as much credit and interest to multiplats then i will give just as much credit to exclusives. But we all know moving forward the talks about exclusives will grow now that the worlds most powerful console is coming out.

FinalFantasyFanatic322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

I like how people get angry about the multi-plats argument, no one in their right mind factors that in because you can play them on any console. You want to play it with the best possible experience? Get a PC, want to play it as cheaply as possible? Get a PS4, the only console you can gloss over if you worry about multi-plats is Nintendo since they don't get the majority of multi-plats. And we know power isn't everything, the baseline PS4/Xone are almost the same, it's barely worth factoring the minuscule power difference in when making a purchase. And regardless of all this argument about power, most people will be buying the vanilla or slim versions of PS4/Xbox when they do make a purchase.

As for the graphical difference, it's like the PC, the developers are just going to enable and disable features, increase/decrease resolution (upscale where needed) and effects to get reasonable performance and a good looking game on each console. It's not that hard since all the console this gen are similar to PCs unlike last gen.

madpuppy322d ago

Moldy, you sound like a smug Xbox 360 owner that forgot it's 2017 and the PS4 is so far ahead that the XB1 has long since disappeared below the horizon....

badz149321d ago


Xbox has nothing but multiplats but why hasn't it take off like the PS4? why is it left in the dust over 30mil units away? is it "because the PS4 is available in many more markets than the Xbone" argument again? and why is the Switch with so little multiplats supports continue to rake in huge numbers? because Exclusives matter. end of story!

that is why MS now stretches the definition of the term "exclusive" however they can whenever they are doing press conference because it matters! Aaron Greenberg doesn't care lying through his teeth just to say "Xbox has the biggest exclusives!" because you know why? EXCLUSIVES MATTER!

BadBoyC321d ago (Edited 321d ago )


You hit the nail right on the head. Why people keep using attach rates as an example to discredit the importance of exclusives is beyond me. It's literally one of the dumbest arguments someone can use. Are people really naive enough to think that consumers are gonna buy 60 million copies of a game or around that number just because Sony sold 60 million PS4's? Even if the next Battlefield or Battlefront game sold 5 million copies on the PS4 it would have a 12% attach rate or lower. The biggest multiplats have low attach rates on PS4 just like they do on every other console even though they've sold millions or a sh*t ton of copies so the whole attach rate argument is moot. Attach rates are probably not the best way of gauging a games success because if we use that logic then you can pretty much call almost every game released a failure...

Dragonscale321d ago

@darkwolf, theres more to gaming than powah. Those handful of exclusives is actually a lot more than just a handful and is the reason scorpio won't do jack.

D3TH_D33LR321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

I just don't see the one X getting any exclusive support or even extra third party support. Things gonna die before it ever releases if they don't shape up

Death321d ago


You assume PS4 is selling well based on exclusives. That can't be any further from the truth. When you look at North America and U.K., sales for Xbox and PS4 are pretty even despite Sony having more exclusives. The exclusives have almost no impact where both consoles sell. Sony has a much larger worldwide appeal which is why and where they sell those additional millions of consoles. As a result they make more games and have more exclusives to appeal to gamers in those countries/regions. If you like those games and they are localized where you live, that is fantastic and a good reason to buy a PS4. If you are like many of us, you don't care about them but still use their existence as the reason you prefer PlayStation.

RacerX321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

I just really like my Xbox... But I really wish they would step up the exclusives! Sony has been killing it, and I'm jealous of that. MS needs a more consistent exclusive launch schedule.

Shoot, I can't wait for Destiny 2, and even PS4 is getting preferential treatment from Bungie with that deal... Missing out on content AGAIN... Frustrating.

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freshslicepizza322d ago

Well there is already over 1,000 games that will likely perform better on the XB1X than the Pro out now, plus any future multiplat titles. You also won't be able to play Halo, Forza/Forza Horizon, Gears, Ori, Cuphead, State of Decay 2, Sunset Overdrive, Sea of Thieves and well over a hundred of other titles on your PS4. Plus 450 Xbox 360 titles.

The PS4 may have more exclusives but I can live without them.

SpaceRanger322d ago

"The PS4 may have more exclusives but I can live without them."

The Xbox One X might play games better, but it can't live without exclusives. I'm happy that at $400 or less, I can play games that look good and can't be played elsewhere. Still waiting on games to play something else other than Siege on my phat Xbox.

Goldby322d ago

What's the attach rate on those games moldy?

Didn't you just state that exclusives don't matter in this conversation and it's about multiplatform games

goken322d ago

hey you may decide to have sunset overdrive over spiderman, sea of theives over horizon zeo dawn, cuphead over rachet n clank, ori over persona 5, halo over uncharted 4, state of decay over last of us 2. you could choose the public bus over limousine,...just know that you're wrong

CernaML322d ago

"The PS4 may have more exclusives but I can live without them."

Surprise of the decade.

Ashlen322d ago

LoL you talk about living without exclusives but use exclusives to make your entire argument...

This is probably your weakest argument ever, for every exclusive on xbox I can literally name 10 games that are on PS4 but not Xbox.

MegamanXXX322d ago

Goodluck with that. I newd Bloodborne and Horizon in my life

MegamanXXX322d ago

Goodluck with that. I need Bloodborne and Horizon in my life

stuna1322d ago

Dude you're trying too hard! You act like your life depends on the sales of Xbox 1 X!? Face the fact that 1 the generation is pretty much done when it comes to Xbox 1 catching PS4! 2) The majority gamers that already have PS4's and Nintendo Switches won't automatically drop things to go buy a Xbox 1 X! But that's ok, because they have 1 person that we know will! You.

VforVideogames322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

moldy came out swinging!!!! L O L

showtimefolks322d ago


you argument abour attach rate is phony because ps4 has the diversity so everyone doesn't bu the same 3-4 games. And maybe you haven't noticed but gears 4 didn't sell like past gears games and halo has slowed down when compared to the high point(halo 3)

forza has never sold well. GT5 outsold the whole forze series(GT5P and GT5 game) a average GT game as in GT6 sold better than every forza game. And GT sport bundle will do big numbers and GT sport will outsell forza by 8-1

65 million strong against 30 million which install do you think publishers care about more? and your defenbse force is talkign about beast if power was everything than how come you were so defended the idea of 900P and 1080P being the same

PS4 will get to 100 million consoles sold before xbox one will get ti 50 million and if you don't understand why publishers want to deal with sony than you don't know basic business

keep believing what major nelson and phil are telling you and how they have games in development while sony has been delivering those games every month

and here is the last myth about sony announcing games too far in advance where is scalebound? were is crackdown 3 announced more than 3 years ago? how many delays did quantum break get again?

very easy to talk but in famous words of lavar ball stay in yo lane soon switch will catch/surpass xbox one in sales and xbox one will be a distant 3rd console

trooper_322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

You can live without exclusives? Really? So what you're saying is that you're not a true gamer who wants the most out of his console?

Good to know moldy.

Kryptix322d ago

Moldy, more of a laughing stock than RookieMonster ever was at this point.

Talking about exclusives not mattering and then proceeds to mention "exclusives," oh, I mean...console exclusives.

If performance was all that mattered to you, you would of built a PC a long time ago.

Here, I'll give you a headstart so you can build one like I did before that extremely disappointing Xbox One X comes out:

Allsystemgamer322d ago

Ever thought that the Xbox attach rate is higher because there is a smaller selection?

Kind of obvious...

TheUndertaker85322d ago

Not to mention there's more exclusives going to Xbox & Switch compared to PS4 between now and the end of the year

Stogz322d ago

Don't you not have an Xbox or ps4? Don't know why you fight so hard when you have no stake in this...

FinalFantasyFanatic322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

I would really like to have Halo, Gears and Sunset Overdrive, but I can't justify buying an Xbox for just those three titles (and I can get most of Halo/Gears on PC, I'm hoping the rest of the games in those series will come to PC as well).

I ended up buying most of the Playstation exclusives personally.


That was a really weak argument, you were better off saying nothing.

322d ago
322d ago
OffRoadKing321d ago

That's a lot of PC games you listed there Aaron, oops I meant moldy. I''l give you credit, at least you're a consistent diehard xbox fanboy.

321d ago
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Zero_Suit_Samus322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

“Difference Between Xbox One X And PS4 Pro Is Not As Big In Terms of Development – Streum On Studio”

I’ve yet to see a game on Xbox One X or the BEAST as Xbox fanboys call it that looks even close to Sony’s exclusives such as Uncharted 4, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

jasonpugh321d ago

Maybe get some glasses then.

WilliamSheridan321d ago

Yeah I agree. I love my Pro, but those X games are looking beautiful.

modelgod321d ago

Oh how awesome will those exclusives look on the beast!

LastCenturyRob322d ago

Its sad when you see little trolls like chrisx that have zero life who beyond desperately have to troll the comment sections of consoles she obviously does not own so she can feel some sort of self satisfaction. Don't worry, maybe someday the console you own will make you relevant! LOL! Good luck with that!

OffRoadKing321d ago

I wonder if you're intelligent enough to see the irony of your own comment, I highly doubt it considering you're one of the biggest trolls on this site. gtfoh

LastCenturyRob321d ago

@ Offroadtroll...then by your logic you are guilty of the same thing....Not very bright are ya?

LastCenturyRob321d ago

@ Offroadtroll...Confronting trolls does not make a troll lil guy.... You don't see me going onto articles about games and consoles I don't own just to spew hate non stop. Peopel like you and lil chrisy go onto articles about things you obviously want nothing to do with and then desperately attempt to belittle those who dare not purchase and play exactly what you do.... You are just a pathetic 12 year old who's mommy won't buy you everything under the sun so you have to lash out and troll....Epic fail, little fella!

Bobafret322d ago

Don't worry Chrisx, your box will still dominate, hopefully you will sleep better now.

322d ago
Trekster_Gamer321d ago

Always the jealous PS4 trolls, jealous of the power of the Xbox One X. say what you want you whiny little trolls!

Xbox one acts the definitive console of this generation!!

Halo 5,6
Halo Wars 2
Forza 7
Crackdown 3
Quantum Break
Gears of War 4
And EVERY AAA game that is released from here on out will look and play a hell of a lot better on the Xbox One X!

OffRoadKing321d ago

But not better then on the PC where all those games you listed can also be played.

DarXyde321d ago

And it probably only cost you $1,000 between two Xbox consoles that play the same games!

You go, mate!

BeOpenMinded321d ago

Horizon is already out and it's fantastic, I'm also looking forward to those other two games as well very much. I'm also looking forward to what's dropping on xbox and some of the upgrades to existing games. Neither console is a beast but each have their perks, especially those without a gaming rig can enjoy a cheap alternative in X as well for some PC games with early release on console. The X draws more excitement than the pro for me, I feel base PS is fine unless your into VR

jasonpugh321d ago

I can only lol at this statement. Have fun with your 8 to 10 hour single player exclusives. Personally that's not me or most people's types of games. I would rather play the best multi-platform multiplayer games available. The exclusives arguement is really a reach by folks who want this console to fail. Why do you really think PS4 got the head start? You really think it was their exclusives? The answer is no. It was because it had the best performance for all the multi-platform releases. You know, the games that sell more than 5% of the install base.

Condemnedman321d ago

it was always about power and it didn't help ms messed the launch up . Sony has just had a great year of exclusives but upto then it didn't have a massive difference. it all depends on your choices but if going forward you want the best 4k content for you 4k tv then get a one x, if you want Sonys exclusives get a ps4 or just get both.

Father__Merrin321d ago

Ps4 ps4Pro has same multiplats AND more exclusives. Therefore you have the better deal of you buy playstation.

Lol at people who say exclusives don't sell as much as multiplats lol its your loss your not a gamer if you purposely want less games lol

WhereIsYourGodNow321d ago

@chrisx still up to that petty console dick waving I see. You guys should really evolve.

vegasgamerdawg321d ago

My subjective opinion is better than yours. Arguing subjective opinions shows a lack of understanding the most simplest concepts of life. Frankly, it's embarrassing what N4G has turned into. Years ago it was the Xbox 360 fanboys dominating the conversation, it just depends who's in the console sales lead and you'll easily figure out where all the little children and easily influenced adults want to talk about. So immature and just flat out silly. I regret every time I come into the comment section. I need to stop, no one has anything new to say except " My favorite company is better than yours." Same conversation for the last 10 years...insane. Grow up please.

Cherchez La Ghost321d ago

Yea..., OK!! 😂😂😂 You need to stop with your PS4 praise and come back down to reality. There is nothing mentioning exclusives. This article is about game development. But you keep holding on to your "Exclusives" rant, brother!! 😂😂😂

Kribwalker321d ago

hows that witcher 2 platinum coming? I know it's a long game, have you been able too finish it yet?

modelgod321d ago

If that's the case then why did the feel the need to make a Pro? They could have rested on their laurels of exclusives.

321d ago
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cbuc1125322d ago

They aren't the same but the Power difference isn't as big as some would have you think either. If the Xbox One used a Ryzen cpu and Vega gpu, then they could talk. A few more Gigs of RAM and slightly sped up chips of the same type do not equal a big difference. The games will be very comparable.

KionicWarlord222322d ago

" Power difference isn't as big as some would have you think either"

Unless you have Helen Keller vision.


cbuc1125322d ago

Or unless you don't know anything about computers.

DarXyde322d ago

Pretty tasteless comment.

And you're all better off just waiting until One X is out and compare the newer games then.

And then, people can decide if any differences in visuals are worth the upgrade.

Sound good?

KionicWarlord222322d ago

Rofl these comments are insane after Digital Foundry said theres a 43 percent compute difference.

Even said Xbox one X is doing high end visuals in 4K.

Cant make this up.

Nyxus322d ago

Digital Foundry also said there is barely a noticeable difference between native 4K and checkerboard.

KionicWarlord222322d ago

Lol of course because that`s what Digital Foundry said about the Rise of tombraider face off right?

It was clear as day that the Rise of Tombraider xbox one x in native 4K with the top of the line textures,lighting and added visuals it was superior on Xbox one X.

Wait till Gears of war 4 and Halo 5 are shown off.

You better believe the difference will be just as massive because Xbox one X is designed to be a big difference compared to the Xbox One version.

Nyxus322d ago

@ Kionic: Just repeating what DF said about it, because it seems to be blown out of proportion here.

DarXyde322d ago

Didn't DF mention a ~50% performance difference between the base models? People swore there was no difference. I barely saw any, though the exclusives really showed PS4's advantage. I wonder which side of that fence you were on. Were you singing its praises?

Moreover, the more powerful the hardware, the more power you will need to pronounce differences. You say Tomb Raider shows big differences, but I believe DF compared them as 1080p w/ super sampling vs 4K. Not a bad idea, but they should also do 4k vs 4k, knowing both can.

I'm not at all expecting Pro to look better, period. But I strongly believe you should wait on newer games before comparing. I actually think multiplatform titles will not be worlds apart, but exclusives might.

MegaMohsi322d ago

Man Kionic you make me laugh, very insecure little child trying to justify his little box that's getting destroyed by the competition. Go on keep making your sales pitches though it's hilarious.

KionicWarlord222322d ago


"Regardless, the fact is that both Rise of the Tomb Raider and F1 2017 are adopting native 4K rendering in situations where PS4 Pro is checkerboarding instead, and that's a comparison point we really didn't expect to see. After all, this represents is a 2x increase in the native rendering resolution between Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, from hardware with a 43 per cent increase in compute power and a 50 per cent uplift in memory bandwidth. "