Naughty Dog Goes On a Hiring Spree For The Last Of Us 2

Recent news from Twitter and possible leaked photo reveal what Naughty Dog may have in store for us in the coming months for The Last Of Us 2.

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DragonDDark274d ago

Lost legacy was epic & people thought ND couldn't make a UC game without Nate.
TLOU2 will be awesome & because of TLL, I have no doubt that they will make it Great.

PhoenixUp274d ago

Naughty Dog sequels always dramatically improve over the original. Can't wait to see all the news for this title as more info gets released

DarXyde274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Depends for me. Crash, I agree. Jak, I agree. Uncharted, mostly. I thought 2 was better than 1, 3 was worse than 2, and 4 is on par with 2 (So better than 3). For simplicity, [2=4] > 3 > 1. Any way you slice it, they were all great games.

I think The Last of Us Part II has the potential to be as good as the original. It has to be the U2/4/The Last of Us team doing it though. With the new blood to maybe offer even more creative vision though, I think it has the potential to be their best game yet.

I have faith in Naughty Dog. All things considered, my bare minimum expectation for The Last of Us Part II is "on par with the original".

ClayRules2012274d ago

Well said.

The Last of Us Part 2 has a lot of hype, which I'm sure will rise even more when ND showcase the first gameplay reveal. I can't wait for that. I'm sure it'll be awesome, brutal, and intense. On the story front, I expect it to be on par with the original game. I remember Neil saying something along the lines of "Will Part 2 have moments that surpass the emotional/raw scene with Joel & Ellie at the cabin? I don't know. I know this game will have its own moments that I hope resonates with the player.

In the end, ND knows our concerns and worries, for they have the same feelings. But they believe in continuing this story. I have faith in them. Also, I remember hearing either Josh, Neil or Bruce mention that the pressure they feel ( amongst themselves in the studio ) is way more nerve racking than what the public thinks.

ND will give all they have do try & deliver a better game than the original. I have faith it'll be a wonderful gaming experience no matter if it's better or just a few steps behind the original game.

zivtheawesome274d ago

i'd say they are preparing for PSX now. it is mostly graphic and UI department they are searching for so i guess they wanna show tech improvements.

TheKingKratos274d ago

you do your best Naughty Dog
I want Part 2 to be at least on bar or better than Part 1
and i know you will deliver.

NordicRainy274d ago

Like Godfather Part 2.
If the story is on the same level as the first, and they improve on some aspects this will no doubt be another GOTY.

corroios274d ago

Or maybe its already for their next game, because TLOU 2 should be already at full speed.

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The story is too old to be commented.