The Greatest Racing Game Series

Pixelated Gamer takes a look at some of the greatest racing game series of all time. This list spans from incredibly realistic simulators to futuristic arcade racers.

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Septic42d ago

Some cool additions like Star Wars Pod Racer in there!

I wouldn't call twisted metal a racing game but what a great series.

BootHammer42d ago

Star Wars Pod Racer was pretty intense! The sense of speed in that game was fantastic. Logged in lots of hours on that and the Twisted Metal series...too much fun.

jmetalhead7781241d ago

Freaking loved Twisted Metal! Another game I loved missing from this list is

Septic41d ago

Ah F Zero X...great shout

BootHammer41d ago

We did a feature video on F-Zero not long ago, racing around Big Blue! Fantastic game and I hope we get a new entry on the Nintendo Switch for it.

ContraCode42d ago

Nice list, I'd throw in Driveclub and Burnout Paradise as well.

BootHammer42d ago

Burnout Paradise was a great one! I've enjoyed DC on the PSVR quite a bit too.

crazychris412442d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Driveclub and Burnout Paradise arent a series since they are a single game. Burnout is a great series though, wish we could get another one with crash mode.

BootHammer42d ago

Hopefully we'll see a DC sequel (ready for launch this time), and a new burnout would definitely welcomed.

obidanshinobi41d ago

Burnout series yes.
Driveclub......... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! Why? the game's a dumpster fire.

steveo12345641d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Defintely Burnout, but the article is racing game SERIES, only been one driveclub as far as I'm aware? And also its not really in the same league, unless you only care for rain effects

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darthv7242d ago

Motorstorm is a really fun racing series. All 4 games in the series have their own style and organic feel to them.

BootHammer42d ago

I remember being blown away with Motorstorm when first picking up the PS3. That was a tough game! You definitely didn't get easy wins on that one.

C-H-E-F41d ago


I remember when I bought a PS3 I only had like 500$ left over so I had to wait until the end of the next week to get my paycheck so I can buy an HDTV.... I played it on the SD tv and was like OMG.... LOOK AT THE MUD!! IT LOOKS SO REAL!!! then when I bought the HDTV, my life nearly ended... heart almost thumped out of my chest lOl.

crazychris412442d ago

Flatout, Burnout, Nascar Thunder, Dirt and Driver are some other great ones.

BootHammer42d ago

Driver was an awesome game! That would be another one that would be great to see revived =) I bet many missed this one.

mcstorm40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Driver was amazing ide also add F-Zero to that list over Wipeout but its each to there own ide even put forza Horizon in that list to so far for me 3 is the best racer of this gen.

Also enjoyed Sega GT, MSR, Project Gotham, Toca and there was another on the PSX where it was a mix of races road, off road ect but cant remember the name of it oooo and Super Skid marks 2 on the Amiga cant beat racing with cows towing caravans haha.

Africa4ps441d ago

Real Racing series especially RR3!

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