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lelo2play70d ago

I didn't see this coming... /s

joab77770d ago

Lol! I still haven't finished. Spent like 50 hrs building all my settlements. Everyone I go back (love the Pro update on 4k TV), I end up spending every minute catching up settlements and do like 1 or 2 quests. I'm older and work a lot and have to learn to stop picking everything up too lol!

SolidGear370d ago

Crazy! I went to a launch event for it and had the platinum in 3 weeks. Put about 70 hours into during that time. Very easy to get sucked into the settlement building stuff, lol

micbrc70d ago

Why though they are literally releasing a vr version this year why not roll both into one package deal

Cobra95170d ago

Why make people who don't want VR games have to buy one in order to get the edition they do want?

RpgSama70d ago

Dude, The VR can be VR and GOTY at the same time, you didn't have to buy a different Resident Evil VII to enjoy VR

KwietStorm70d ago

Because the VR headset isn't included. You would just press a button in the menu.

badz14970d ago


why would you not want them to include both GOTY and VR for the price of one? I still haven't got the PSVR yet but I bought the VR bundle for Dirt Rally when it was on a special offer earlier this year. it was an awesome deal

Matrix670d ago

Because $$$
They're releasing Skyrim VR separately, and not even as an add-on for the Special Edition.

SlapHappyJesus70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

That good ol' Bethesda greed

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Nesflix70d ago

There are still texture glitches on the PC version. I've contacted Pete Hines over Twitter and he claims he's never heard of a texture glitch despite me providing over 10 links to the open forums discussing said glitch on Bethesda's website. I've been dying to play Fallout 4 again but Bethesda clearly has no intention of fixing their game as proven by Pete Hines disinterest in provided proof. Top priority is releasing a 55GB "4K" texture pack that does minimal improvements to graphics. Am I going to buy the GOTY edition since I never got to play the DLCs? No. In this case, I'd rather speak with my money. My favorite game to date is Fallout 3 so much so that I'm damn near infatuated with everything that has to do with the Fallout universe. It's so sad to see one of my favorite developers treat their consumers the way Pete Hines does.

SlapHappyJesus70d ago

No texture issues, except blackening of my character's face. May be a sli issue.

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