Mass Effect: Andromeda Was Doomed to Fail From the Start

The game has many flaws, including animation, lip sync and bad missions, but it was the overall design which doomed Andromeda to failure.

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PhoenixUp350d ago

One of the biggest disappointments of the generation

spdygaming349d ago

Def. ME: Andromeda's lucky No Man's Sky was released.

TheSinsibleOne349d ago

Metal Gear Soli 5 was mine. It's a shame 2 great series got messed up.

narsaku349d ago

Be careful saying that here, everyone secretly wan'ts to be Kojima's gurlfriend here. XD

TC731349d ago

What was actually IN MGS5 was great...too bad we didn't get the whole thing.

spdygaming348d ago

MGSV was solid. The only reason why it sucked was that it had potential to be the greatest game in the franchise, only to disappoint and see release as a half-assed game.

TheSinsibleOne348d ago

Love the dislikes. They've no idea what a MGS game is. Kojima isn't blameless, it was HIS idea to make the decisions. The open world ruined the flow the missions, didn't feel like one linear story like always. Got rid of the original voice actor and replace him with Bauer and even then Venom Snake doesn't even talk even when people were talking to him. HE'S NOT SOME DUMBASS MUTE protagonist. There wasn't even a freaking ending. Hell I felt the game might of had 5 chapters instead of 3. ME:A got WAY to much useless hate meanwhile Kojima or Konami didn't get the hate it deserved. Konami did mess up a perfect series no doubt. Don't get me wrong. I HATE MGS5 and I love it at the same time. Skullface and quiet were great characters, quiet saved the whole game for me. The boss fight again sch(I'm not spelling that!) was great.

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gangsta_red349d ago

I was really looking forward to this game but the overwhelming mediocre reviews and the high number from actual gamer friends and comments saying this game was not all that made me skip it entirely.

Shame too since I loved the original trilogy.

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StuffAndThings349d ago

& now Jade Raymond Games are gonna fail since she got stuck with this team

narsaku349d ago

I really didn't enjoy how frustrated I was playing this game. I REALLY didn't enjoy it.

The crashes, characters flying away mid cutscene or merging with each other... I even had PeeBee talk but it was with that Krograns voice instead?!?!

..Horrible. It's so sad ppl out there defend this game. It's insane. Full price for an alpha game that barely passes as a decent game in it's best of times.

Thank god Montreal's been taking off main games.

TheSinsibleOne349d ago

Thing is. I NEVER had any problems with the game. I enjoyed it but it doesn't even come close to the OG team.

narsaku349d ago

Yea I miss the original trilogy too bud. Maybe we'll get a remake someday. <3

InKnight7s349d ago

Exactly, I bought it on x1 because of good sale. Never had one issue even thought I played it while no completing the download.

Genkins348d ago

As a late adopter, It seems like a pretty decent game to me so far. If you're a decent artists you can create a pretty good Sara Ryder. a picture of mine.
don't like some of the things in mine, you can always touch them up.

DemoIishor349d ago

I picked it up earlier last month and I experienced very few bugs, so my experience wasn't hampered by the poor launch. Even with that in mind, this game was utterly hollow. It had nothing of real substance and by the time I reached the midway point, I completely stopped caring about the plot and skipped every cutscene and every single bit of dialogue. The magic just isn't there.

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