Genre Diversity in XBox One: Similar trend as PS4 except lack of Japanese-style RPGs

Key Highlights:
- Unsurprisingly, Action and Shooter dominates which is the norm from the beginning of 3D era
- During the analysis period, PS4 saw release of 31 Japanese-style RPGs whereas XBox One saw only 2
- There is >80% probability of getting a low quality game for most genres if you go to purchase without prior research
- Racing-simulations fare better with 35% probability probably due to the niche market and customers being more prone to research on nitty-gritties

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Woolly_129d ago

Games diversity is similar between the two.
The only difference is Japanese content. .

Could this be because there's no Xbox presence in Japan?
Could it be because Japanese publishers/devs naturally opt for a Japanese platform?

mobijoker129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

Seems so...
But MS should change that...They make a large group , perhaps second to only US.

dcbronco128d ago

Remember when they did try to do that. They had five or six Japanese exclusives like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. Didn't make a dent in Japan. People said the console was too big and they only had room for one console. X is smaller than any of the PS4 models, lets see what happens. Oh, no games. I wish people would just say Sony did so much for the nation after WWII and you are loyal to them. It's ok to be honest.

j15reed126d ago

I just see it as those devs just don't want to support MS, they want to prop up their homegrown system. It can't be about the sales, because a game can exist on a platform for years even after the support is over. As similar as both platforms are I'm sure Xbox sales can cover the cost of a port if it's on PS4 too.

Relientk77129d ago

I'm glad Sony and Nintendo care about JRPGs