Second Opinion: Skyrim Is Poorly-Designed Garbage

On this week's episode of Second Opinion, HPP's Nathan Terencio talks about the poorly-aged terribly-designed mess that is Skyrim.

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SCW1982278d ago

Cant play Bethesda games after Witcher 2 and 3. They have ruined me in a good way.

SCW1982278d ago

Tried but I just couldn't get into BOTW.

zivtheawesome278d ago

i couldn't get to neither witcher nor BOTW. only enjoyed horizon out of the three for some reason.

naruga278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

Skyrim was shit even for that era of consoles is nearly unplayable...Dragons Dogma (a contemporary game) literally trashes from every aspect Skyrim

EddieNX 278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

Nah BOTW is better and higher rated too! See foxtrot, I can be an ass as well BOTW>>The witcher >> Horizon. BOTW Is every bit as good as the critics say it is, unless youre a salty Nintendo hater with an untrustworthy,biassed opinion 🙂 I've got the Witcher 3 and its just litteraly not as good, better graphics, thats where it ends.

morganfell278d ago

BOTW is a good game but it lacks the serious feeling of desperation I get from both The Witcher and Skyrim. For me, and others may not feel the same and that is fine, but it fails to present an adult quality and a grittiness that I get in The Witcher and Skyrim.

porkChop278d ago


I will agree that BOTW doesn't give the gritty and desperation vibes that you'd get from The Witcher or Elder Scrolls. It's a different style altogether, and it focuses more on pure, fun, child-like adventure. And that's not better or worse, it just depends on your preference. I enjoy both. Not many games take the route that BOTW took in terms of style and atmosphere, and that's probably why so many people gravitated towards the game.

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UnHoly_One278d ago

I tried so hard to see what people see in Witcher 2, then I tried to convince myself it would all be different and Witcher 3 was the one I would like.

I was incorrect.

2 of the worst RPGs I've ever played. I wish I knew what people saw in those games besides boobs, because they are awful.

Movefasta1993278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

i hated 2,i hated the combat.I uninstalled the game twice on steam becauseut then i gave it another go,and for the third time i just had to accept that the combat sucked and i let the story draw me in.And it did,i hate rolling around like an idiot 247 during battle,but the world,characters were just soo good.

thekhurg278d ago


People like them because they like great RPGs with wonderfully crafted stories.

attilayavuzer278d ago

W3 took a good handful of hours for me to get comfortable with. I remember the controls feeling weird for a while, a lot like Two Worlds (which I doubt anyone remembers). Smooth sailing after that, and Gwent is still one of the biggest time sink side distractions I've ever come across in a game.

UnHoly_One278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

More power to those of you that like them, but I don't even know how you can call them RPGs. There is no character progression in these games. I just don't get it.

You can look at 5 different level 30 characters in Skyrim and they can all be wildly different from each other.

But not only will 5 level 30 Witcher characters look exactly alike, they will also look exactly like a level 5 character.

I get that it has a neat world and story, but the actual GAME is terrible. TO ME. No offense to you Witcher fans. I just plain don't get it.

thekhurg278d ago

No they won't.

A level 30 Witcher 3 character will have a variety of various skills to use. Some will be better with swords, some better with signs. Some will have better potion/bomb ability.

Some players may focus entirely on fast attacks, some strong. Some may do igni builds, aard builds, etc... Some may wear heavy armor changing the damage of their strong attacks, some may wear light making fast attacks superior. Others may go medium to get that quick stamina recovery and sign bonus.

The difference is, in Skyrim a max level character is everything. A max level Geralt in Witcher 3 still have to make decisions on how he plays because he can't be the master of all. There's a substantial power difference between that level 5 Geralt and that level 30 one. Unlike Skyrim where the world levels with you and nothing is ever challenging no matter when you fight it.

UnHoly_One278d ago

I'm talking about looking at those characters during combat and seeing differences in abilities that they have and you're talking about one doing more damage with heavy attacks and another with light attacks...

You can't SEE that, unless you are counting damage numbers or something.

I'm talking about being able to see a character fighting, and being able to immediately say "oh that's a destruction magic build" or whatever the case may be.

The only visual difference you can see in Witcher is the slight change that every spell gets when you level it up.

My point with the level 5 comment was that you start with all the same skills you have at the end. No RPG is like that.

And yes, I know a "max level" character in Skyrim would have everything, but who actually plays one character that far? I focus on a set of things I want to use, then when I've done every mission I want to do, I start over with a completely different character.

There is no reason to ever play Witcher again, because I can't make a "different" character.

There is no reason to argue over this, though, neither of us are going to change our minds.

Lord_Sloth278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

See, that's where you're wrong. A level 30 Witcher who focuses on magic alongside of a combat Witcher will look wildly different in their strategies and gameplay.

No, not everybody that plays Witcher games are in it for the boobs....What are you, 5? I'm in it for the adventure. Scouring hills, hunting monsters, searching for treasure and gear, progressing in the wonderfully told story with the lively and entertaining characters.

Without being a douche about it, yes, the variety in TES is outstanding, this is not up for debate. However, variety alone does not make a game great. See Elder Scroll's boring swordplay, flat writing, dungeons to nowhere, horribly abundant glitches, etc.

If you love TES and don't like the Witcher, that's perfectly fine. They're very different games tbh, just don't go dissing on 1 while talking positively about an equally flawed (more imo) title while disregarding us as simple perverts. be an adult.

*may have fed the troll*

thekhurg278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

You don't start with the same skills that you have at the end. There are multiple skills that are gained through leveling up that you don't have access to right away. To me, it sounds like whatever time you spent playing the game, you simply mashed your attack buttons and didn't bother exploring the abilities you could unlock.

You can also easily tell what kind of Geralt someone is playing by watching them - if they actually use their skills. There are fast and heavy attack abilities that have unique combat animations that clearly show off their speed or impact.

I've played through the game twice and I'm on my 3rd play through right now. Each game I've played a completely different style of Witcher in terms of how I go through combat.

nitus10278d ago (Edited 278d ago )


I actually liked Two World II but I played the game on the PS3 and there was some glaring problems. Basically, on occasion the frame rate would drop to what I would call "a slide show" and this mainly occurred when riding the horse to the point I just walked everywhere.

With regard to The Witcher 3 IMHO, the best way to play the game is on the hardest difficulty (ie. Death March) and never reduce the difficulty no matter what the temptation, because you will come in contact with quite a few creatures and enemies that will "one hit kill you" which forces you to craft better potions and oils (up to 50% buffs) as well as your magic, armor and weapons.


Did you ever do the Witcher School quests? The armor and weapons are all different although the swords are mainly different in their hilts. You also have to remember that the Witchers carry two swords for a reason. The silver one is for monsters and the steel sword for humans and beasts. Carrying double handed swords is not practical.

InTheZoneAC277d ago

Witcher 3 isn't about boobs...

I typically avoid games/shows that are intentionally sexually aggressive because what's the point, but that's just .1% of Witcher. Everything about it is a great game.

Armaggedon276d ago

The gaming community now and days like for there games to be like big budget interactive movies. Gameplay is literally lower on the list than all presentation aspects of a game now for many gamers. If graphics are not Horizon level game =trash
If the games characters dont look like virtual replicas of real people: Its ass, dont waste your money.

If the story is not best seller novel :2/10

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Clumpy278d ago

The combat of The Witcher 3 was abit too clunky for my taste, the main story literally being one gigantic fetch quest didn't help. The game had it's moment (Trough Time And Space was awesome) but it's not on the same level as BOTW.

generic-user-name278d ago

Technically it was a fetch quest but it's not like it played that way. It was all about the journey, not the destination, although the destination was pretty good too.

Then there is the DLCs for that game, amazing.

jznrpg278d ago

Skyrim is not my favorite Elder Scrolls , but it is still a fun game. I want athletics and acrobatics back. I want it to be more like Morrowind, no quest arrows etc. They made it more like Fallout which I didn't like

babadivad278d ago

Skyrim was too dumbed down to really get into. I was OK with the simplifications they did in Oblivion. It was their first try at really selling the Elder Scolls to the masses. It was THE showcase game of the new generation[Gen7]. But with Skyrim, they went WAY overboard with the dumbing down and over simplification. I don't even recognize the series anymore.

KillZallthebeast278d ago

Well they then made fallout 4 which dumbed it down to even a further degree.

k2d278d ago

I think Bethesda are perfectly happy to make passable entries so long as they're selling like they have. Sadly.

No one knows Fallout as well as Obsidian.

SlapHappyJesus277d ago

That's the thing though. I felt that Skyrim simply was a bland, lackluster title.
I highly enjoyed Fallout 4, just with the knowing that it was a weak Fallout title.

KillZallthebeast277d ago

Jesus I am sure you have your benefits...but old world blues makes every f4 dlc combined in 1 scene alone look like garbage

derkasan278d ago

I hope when the Elder Scrolls VI comes out (after they port Skyrim a few more times), they incorporate more elements from Morrowind and Oblivion.

dead_pixels278d ago

Agreed. To this day I still think Morrowind is my favorite of the bunch. Bethesda just hasn't been able to craft a world that's as imaginative since.

SlapHappyJesus277d ago

Same. Up until Witcher 3, Morrowind was hands down my favorite open-world RPG.

PiNkFaIrYbOi278d ago

By the time they even think of making the next Elder Scrolls, Skyrim may of killed the series with how many ports it is getting.

-Foxtrot278d ago

The problem with Skyrim like Fallout 4 is they've dumbed them down so much

I restarted Oblivion twelve times...TWELVE to get my character right because you had to balance the pros and cons of the character but in this one it just didn't seem to matter who or what you picked. A Wood Elf should be the character to pick for stealth while a Breton should be the character to pick for magic however in this game you could be whatever.

I mean I don't mind it where once you're level 30-40 and are a good way into the game the option then presents it's self to go into another class, so if you've picked a Wood Elf and chosen a stealth path then you should be allowed something to boost your magic or warrior paths later on but not until you earn it by very skilled quests and the like.

Oh and for the love of god please sort the shitty randomly generated gear out. If I start the game and manage by some miracle to pick a master lock then I should be rewarded by some fantastic gear, even if it's just one item. What I don't want to see is some crappy randomly generated "Iron Dagger of Great Embers". Not to mention adding in more unique weapons for us to find and collect...make us climb tall Wizard towers filled to the brim with high powerful enemies for a powerful staff or go on a long cryptic treasure trail to find a hidden enchanted ring which will give us a unique ability not found in the general magic pile. I also liked how in Oblivion these unique weapons (the very few which were there) had a levelling system where they wouldn't be as powerful if you were a low level so it was best to wait until you were a higher level to get the items at their full advantage.

I remember in Fallout 3 walking out the vault for the first time, I hardly had any ammo on me and decided to use any melee weapon I could find for a big chunk of the game. In the end my ammo was still pretty shitty resulting in me only using it when I needed it. At the end of the game I felt I was rewarded with more ammo to go out and tie up loose ends in a fun styled way.

In Fallout 4 I walked out and got to Sanctuary already having like 200 10mm ammo, didn't bother with the melee but if I did it wouldn't matter as weapons didn't break. I don't mind weapons breaking at the start of the game but there should be a skill which stops items from breaking later on just like how in Elder Scrolls there should be a skill which stops enchanted weapons from depleting as using soul stones was annoying as hell.

SaveFerris278d ago

Perhaps developers dumb their games down because the focus groups complain, and they want to appeal to more people to sell more copies, or the developers themselves don't want to spend time on complex game mechanics etc.

Armaggedon276d ago

Exactly. When a game developers customers are all talking about how good games like the Witcher and Mass Effect are with the presentation, the developers try to utilise these things, while trying not to completely sacrifice the core aspects of what caused people to love their games in the first place. But to the gamers: We have to stop expecting developers to have infinite resources and time to make a game thats got it all 5/5 on every major aspect in a game. When we come on to these forums and collectively flog a game (not criticize,but beat it to death) , know that we are sending ripples that may eccect the developers next game. Gamers whined about how they miss the first Mass Effects sense of exploration and rpg mechanics, and we whined about how trash of an ending we got in Mass Effect 3. So the developers take these things to mind and they start working on that game that is a fresh start from the bad ending, and they even try to put a focus on exploration. Buttt.... when said game is released,it gets freaking bodied by gamers,to the point where they put the game on ice. The game was no perfectly good diamond, but they worked their collective asses off.
To the devs: Please focus on what you want out of your games,and please dont let the masses goad you into making jack of all trade games that have everything, but none of it is optimized.

Gh05t278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

Absolutely, I still remember in Morrowind the first thing I would do is run to Molag Mar, head strait to the Master Two handed claymore trainer (Didn't know he was the master trainer the first time when I figured this out) wait on his bed in the corner and watch him until he walked just in the right spot by the closed door, you could jump up, open the door and he would get stuck. Then you beat him to death BOOM full set (minus helmet) of glass armor and a deadric claymore. low level with end of game gear, and it was rewarding because I figured out how, the game didnt "give" it to me. I stalked and wandered and figured out how I could kill a master trainer to get his gear.

-Foxtrot278d ago

Exactly, you found something out and because of morale decision within the game you decided to take what you want because you could. You were rewarded and I feel that kind of stuff is what should be in these games, do you go the long route or the short.

babadivad278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

So many moments of discovery like this in Morrowind. I discovered I could get glass armor from a guard[I forget what city, it's been so long.] He was in a store, so when I ko'd him and stole his armor. He was an instore guard so he would respawn after a few days. I can't remember how I used to kill him without alerting the guards. I think One shotting him with a spell while invisible did the trick but I can't be certain, it's slipping my mind right now[again, it's been a while]. Anyway, it was hard trying to find someone who could afford to pay for the armor though. I did find an imp who always had 5k.

I also loved how the spell system didn't put restrictions on the kinds of spells you could craft. I created a supper athletic spell that let me literally jump across half the map. I created a levitation spell so that if I got in trouble in a city, I could literally just fly away and escape the guards. Or if I were fighting someone I couldn't defeat[had to do this a lot when I was weak], I could run into a room and lock the door behind me with a 100 lock spell. So many memories. . .

I also think it's moronic how you can join opposing factions and the NPCs don't care at all. The theives guild don't care you are a member of the Dark Brotherhood??

Bigpappy278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

yet you love The Witcher3.

Try to be consistent. I used Electrified guns mostly in FO4. My brother choose to play 90% of the game using Melee. You don't have to be forced to play the game in any particular way. You could have chosen to use melee at anytime you wanted.

Listen man you all can get here and take shots at Bethesda games all day, but they have a huge fanbase that just keeps growing and growing. I am not anti The Wicther (enjoy 2 and got tired of 3), but that development team has a long way to go to come close to the depth of details Bethesda put into their games. The world feels far from organic random. Bethesda has a way of making the games feel like you are living in them. RPG's aren't just about getting into fights.

guyman277d ago

"Yet you love the witcher 3"

Yea that's because it's one of the best games ever made.

generic-user-name278d ago

They may have dumbed stuff down, but I will always be grateful that they got rid of breakable weapons. Breakable weapons are one of the most annoying things in any game.

nitus10278d ago

It depends on how the game is designed. In real life, you have to maintain your weapons particularly if you are in the military so why not in a game?

Of course you can always carry weapon maintenance or lack of to the extream, however, I have played the Souls games and while there is a requirement for weapon maintenance it is only a small inconvenience in a game that will kill your character if you lose concentration or get too salty.

What really breaks the immersion is when your weapon breaks and the mechanic is to pause the game so you can select a different weapon. Yes, I am looking at you "Zelda BOTW" since in a Souls/Borne game you can't pause to change weapons but then weapons in these games are pretty sturdy.

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Duke19278d ago

"poorly designed garbage"

Oooh thats a spicy take