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Mirror’s Edge Set Radio Future

"If you are a fan of Jet Set Radio, then you’re probably going to enjoy Hover a little bit. Just don’t expect for it to become the long-awaited (spiritual) sequel you’ve been asking for ever since Jet Set Radio Future. It retains some of the best aspects of the older titles, as well as some parkour elements a-la Mirror’s Edge and some original concepts, but its gameplay and story aren’t engaging enough for anyone to keep playing it for a long time. If you’re not a fan of either of the franchises mentioned above, you’re most likely not going to enjoy Hover at all."

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DaDrunkenJester517d ago

Looks like a fun game for a bit. Wouldn't mind checking it out to get those Jet Set Radio nostalgia feels.

lptmg517d ago

it will eventually come out for the Switch, I think it's worth waiting until then

DaDrunkenJester517d ago

Probably a cool game for Switch. I'll wait for it on there.