Video Game reviews in 2017 are STILL scoring. Is it time to move on?

The MGL team have been looking at game reviews in 2017, from PlayStation to Xbox and from PC to Nintendo... scoring games continues but does it really work now?

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GamerAllTheWay285d ago

Horribly written. Grammar issues. Content is more or less ranting about the scoring system.

But going back into topic, scores will still stay until the likes of GameSpot and IGN will ditch them -- which is very much unlikely to happen ever.

PixelGateUk284d ago

'But we all know gaming is special, this is why we love It.'

come on now lol

MunchMiller00284d ago

I think it's more time for you to move on..... from writing more "opinion pieces".

TheOttomatic91283d ago

I honestly don't know apart of me thinks yes since I rarely take game scores seriously anymore but then again the other part argues it's common sense to have them.