Gamers Baffled that Call of Duty: Ghosts is Backwards Compatible

Xbox One gamers are confused and baffled that Call of Duty: Ghosts is backwards compatible.

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darthv72446d ago

Im baffled that those who are baffled do not understand there may be those who dont have the xbo version but might have the 360 one instead.

Eonjay445d ago

It would be nice if you could trader in digital PS360 games for current gen ones.

Kribwalker445d ago

If you bought the digital version on the 360 you had a free upgrade to the Xbox one version for like 6 months from release. Sadly though it was one of the worst call of duty's

stanr445d ago

That would be a good point but Ghosts was just dull and lazy. Especially when you compare it to Black Ops II and Modern Warfare, you have to ask yourself "what the f just happened".

TheColbertinator445d ago

Fish AI is what happened.

Glub glub.

Shadowlee445d ago

Im baffled, that you're baffled over some being baffled that its bc. Ppl are slow so why be baffled?

boomtube1987445d ago

Maybe MS plan to make this free for Gold one month in near future. It'll be the first COD game to be free of any console.

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Relientk77445d ago (Edited 445d ago )

Don't even bother the game sucks. Play Black Ops 2 on backwards compatibility. BO2 is amazing

TheColbertinator445d ago

No one asked for Ghosts. We have yet to receive MW2. Microsoft and Activision both are smoking too much of the herb

Profchaos445d ago

You know what would be great a crap version of a crap game that already runs on xbox one.

Must be future plans to make a remaster of all mW games.

TheColbertinator445d ago

Yeah I get that feeling too.

They need the $$$ I guess.

boomtube1987445d ago (Edited 445d ago )

@TheColbertinator Maybe cause they plan to remaster or remake that game in near future. I'm hoping it will be a partial remake with the noobtube perks & deathstreaks taken out the game. In my view it will be the best COD ever if that is too happen.

Profchaos445d ago

Call of duty why bother edition

StuffAndThings445d ago

Im still waiting for Table Tennis personally

BadElf445d ago

I loved that game. Rockstar could make any thing and it would be top notch.

StuffAndThings445d ago

A game where you hit one button & move left or right thats genius right there

Krysis445d ago

I believe that game was a tech demo to show off the engine they developed and people liked it so they released it.

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The story is too old to be commented.