PREY review :: (PS4) Noobreview :: System(upgrade) Shock

Karan says, "Considering how large a part they are of gaming history and how they are responsible for pushing so much of the industry forward, most reviewers calling the game ‘Bioshock in Space’ not only shows a huge level of disrespect but a severe lack of understanding of gaming history. And while freelance reviewers in their teens can be forgiven, it’s kind of jarring to see this come out of the verbiage of professional reviewers, who should know better.

That the titans behind the SYSTEM SHOCK and THIEF series get barely a mention in most articles about PREY is kind of baffling. See, many of the ex-looking glass staff did work on PREY, so if nothing else, this game carries the pedigree of that legendary studio in it’s’ veins. It was surprising to see barely anyone mention that.

Instead of burying this game for its’ (minor) missteps, this should be celebrated as a great continuation of ‘emergent gameplay’ and a hearty appetizer for both SYSTEM SHOCK REMAKE and SYSTEM SHOCK 3 , that are on the horizon."

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