Sledgehammer Defends Censoring Nazi Flag. We Call BS


Now, a quick qualifier: If you live in a country like Deutschland (Germany) or some Buddhist countries, possibly Australia as well. You know that certain Nazi memorabilia and or imagery is banned, illegal, or punishable by Court of Law. In these countries, Sledgehammer gets a pass as COD has had a long history of changing their game to fit in with “Da Rulez”.

So let’s start off with the big point straight from the article it question. Call of Duty WW2 will feature Nazi flags in its campaign to preserve accuracy, as well as be placed in a “tasteful manner”… in so far as the Nazi flag can be considered “tasteful”. Personally, I think the Nazi Swastika looks like a Fidget spinner, but I digress. In Multiplayer, however, the flags will be censored to:

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SouthClaw174d ago ShowReplies(8)
ravinash174d ago

It is silly as we know they are Nazis.
Plus the Swastika is an ancient religious symbol, it wasn't created by the Nazis.

XbladeTeddy174d ago

Not all were. It was forced on German Soldiers. The SS were the true Nazi's. Wish a developer would have the balls to show the average German soldier perspective.

ravinash174d ago

I was referring to the game.
Actually from my understanding, no one from the SS or the German army at the time refereed to them selves as Nazi.
It's actually the english term for National Socialist German Workers' Party.

XbladeTeddy174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

@ ravinash: They didn't need to they were members of the Nazi party making them Nazi. They enforced the rules.

yeahright2174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

@ravin And gay was primarily used to refer to someone as happy. That might be where the symbol originated, but that's not what it means now.

wannabe gamer174d ago

yea cause those soldiers sure didnt have any balls to die for something other than hate

Gaming101174d ago

Developers are really dumb on this issue... they don't like the Nazi symbol because it represents hatred, oppression, violence and the Holocaust. Meanwhile, the game itself is visually depicting images that the player participates in of said hatred, oppression, violence and the Holocaust, shooting and killing people, but that imagery is fine? The symbol for that imagery is what they have a problem with? You're literally shooting people in a game, that actual imagery is less offensive than the symbol that represents it?
Wake up, people. -_-

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trooper_174d ago

I believe Japan and China used it in their respective religions.

Segata174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

They still do but the German one is inverted.

Sunny_D174d ago

It's actually a symbol of Hinduism which originates in India.

Swiftfox174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

The ancient symbol's name you're referring to is the "Heart of Buddha". However it isn't about where the symbol came from or what it was originally used for but what sort of power in the public mind it has today. If you walked down the street and showed the symbol to people, they would say "It's a swastika the symbol of Nazi Germany." Heck, when we say Hitler do we think about a struggling artist in Austria? Or do we think the Nazi war machine, WWII, and the vile, inhuman acts which occurred in his name?

After 80 years this symbol still has the same power Hilter and the world gave it. This symbol rallies people even today and sparks the same uncomfortable dread it has since WWII. If this game were a work of historical record, with any sort of historical significance, I'd argue for them to keep it in. However, this game is a non-historical game for purely entertainment purposes. The power this symbol still holds over the public at large needs to be respected by the game makers. This includes the manly laws which ban the symbol outright from any sort of medium in Europe.

Glemt174d ago

Very, very well set and argued.

Allsystemgamer174d ago

People need to stop giving the symbol power by not fearing it anymore.

That's why it has power still. People are just "oh so afraid" to see it.

We see the hammer and sickle everywhere. Stalin murdered far more people than Hitler ever did yet we don't see people cowering in fear over it.

To argue for the banning of the symbol gives it power. It doesn't take it away.

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Relientk77174d ago

I'm sick of censorship in video games.

They don't censor Nazi symbols and flags in Wolfenstein The New Order, Old Blood, and New Colossus.

Fishy Fingers174d ago

COD is more of a cultural icon and I can see them being more aware of potential/social controversy than a Wolfenstein game might.

While this isn't me defending them and I personally would rather they didn't censor it I also don't see it effecting the gameplay experience for me or making it any more or less fun. But yeah, seems a bit hypocritical when only a few years ago I was gunning down civilians in a airport.

EatCrow174d ago

What is so controversial about Nazism??
It wasnt good. All in agreement i hope.

Glemt174d ago ShowReplies(3)
moegooner88174d ago

Yes they do in German speaking countries.

yeahright2174d ago ShowReplies(3)
ShadowWolf712174d ago

They will in the German versions.

Which is why they were censored IN THE MP OF THIS GAME as opposed to the CAMPAIGN. The CAMPAIGN can be censored locally. The MP is worldwide.

ginganinja174d ago

I think you could print out your comment, tape it to a brick and then smack some of the commenters around the head with it and still it wouldn't click for some of them.

specialguest174d ago

Seriously wtf is wrong with this generation??? I've played many ww2 games with swastikas in it, because that was the Nazis symbol during ww2. No one ever got offended. This generation is f**king p**sified with its ultra politically correct easily offended ways.

LiamKreptic174d ago

Hey look a person with brain cells! This generation will either pass super quickly or we are all F**ked. This is just washing history and Germany is at the center of that s**tshow.

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