Forza 7 vs Driveclub – Rain Effect Graphics Comparison

Forza Motorsport 7 running on Xbox One X at E3 2017 presentation shown really spectacular rain effect in astonishing 4K graphics. Let’s compare it to one of the best looking racing games of this generation – Driveclub, powered by PS4 Pro. Which one has better Rain Effect in your opinion?


Please note that I recorded Driveclub on PS4 Pro running in Boost Mode

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Krangs_Uncle552d ago

Driveclub in this comparison.

Overload552d ago

Driveclub is cloud powered.

thrust552d ago

Lol at the Sony people saying driveclub is better!

Nice reflections on forza 7 wow amazing, may get this for my pc.

552d ago
Krangs_Uncle552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

Reflections? That's a strange example to bring up, considering Driveclub's are better here also. Just look at the spoilers and the puddles. I'll give you the car bonnet reflections though, although I think they look quite artificial.

thrust552d ago

No reflections on the car bonnet in driveclub, while forza has lots going on.

Just what I notice, driveclub still nice looking tho.

552d ago
mcstorm552d ago

I'm sorry but Forza wins this and it should being on a more powerful console. DC still looks great though but Ive said it before and will keep saying it you cant put DC vs FM one is a arcade racer and the other one is a sim game also one is 30fps the other is 60fps.

I love how things now move on the cars now though shows the detail they can go into with games. I really want them to work on how a car looks when it hits things though on both GT and forza

Krangs_Uncle552d ago (Edited 552d ago )


This is not about performance, or being 30fps or 60fps. The fact is, is that these weather effects look better regardless of whether Forza is 60fps. It is also a fact that the Xbox-X is 4 times more powerful than the PS4 vanilla (or something like that), so should arguably be pushing 60fps with even better effects than Driveclub.

While one is arcade, and one is (arguably) a sim, they both aim for realism with concern to graphics, so that makes no difference for comparisons sake.

freshslicepizza552d ago (Edited 552d ago )


Forza 7

Not only is Forza 7 more detailed it is also supporting double the car count and double the frame rate and native 4K. Driveclub is also not even processing the hood reflection like Forza 7 is able to.

Dynamic weather in Forza 7 with 24 cars onscreen, solid 60fps and native 4K.

Death552d ago

Driveclub looks great, but the rain doesn't mist behind the cars at all. DC's rain looks very artificial since it doesn't behave like rain does while driving through it. I do however like the way the rain reacts on the car better in DC. Overall the effects look better in Forza though.

552d ago
nix551d ago

where's the wiper/windscreen part on the video? THAT should be the real decider. The rain swimming across the windscreen as the car swerves and not to forget getting washed across as the wiper hits rain water in DC cannot be forgotten.

bluefox755551d ago

It's not just the rain effects, Driveclub looks better overall. Though to be fair, you have to acknowledge the FPS difference.


Drive Club is 1080p 30 on Pro, Forza is 4k 60.

Plus DC is missing atmospheric haze/fog. When it's pouring down Rain, you can't see clearly across the landscape. water particles cut down your visibility distance, Forza did it right and it is completely missing from DC sooooo?

1Victor551d ago

If you ever driven in the rain or sat in front of a car in a rainy day you'll know who win this video isn't about 30/60 or 9000 fps it's about RAIN PHYSICS EFFECT

darthv72551d ago

Both look outstanding (out standing in the rain... get it? zing.....)

If anything they are equally impressive just in slightly different levels of adverse weather conditions. I have driven in both types of the rain shown. Real drizzle on the DC side and standard rain on the F7 side. I know what variations in weather can happen as you drive. Some areas you hit a real downpour and the next its a light sprinkle.

In either case both look damn good and I look forward to enjoying F7 like i do DC. Kind of makes you wonder if some of the guys from Evolution joined T10......?

RacerX551d ago

Comparing DC to Forza7 is a huge props to DC. The rain effects on DC are so realistic.

The rain effects on Forza7 looks so realistic for what rain really looks like when you're driving fast. Both games look great, but DC is how many years old? That says a lot....

fr0sty551d ago (Edited 551d ago )

Since this article is comparing the rain effects, we shouldn't bother with things like car reflections, especially when one game/system is 2 years newer running on hardware 3-4x as powerful.

As for the rain... notice how much more realistic the water in DC behaves. When the drops move, they actually leave streaks of water behind them on the glass as they roll. The Forza drops do not. The depth of field effect (blurred foreground objects with background in focus, or vice versa) are more accurate in Driveclub, leaving the Forza drops looking more artificial in comparison. Wind and car direction realistically affect each individual droplet. Though it isn't shown in this video the way the water puddles up around the wiper blades on the interior view has yet to be rivaled in any racing game (Even Forza 7, though it comes pretty close).

One thing cannot be denied, the amount of detail Evolution put into the graphics is truly insane, especially for an early title. It's a shame things turned out the way they did for them, but hopefully Codemasters benefits from this greatly. Maybe we'll see some XBO:X rain effects in a racing game that do beat Driveclub, in a Codemasters game.

Babadook7551d ago

Will be curious to see Forza 7 graphics compared to GT Sport

551d ago
dantesparda551d ago (Edited 551d ago )

DC definitely looks better in this comparison, no doubt.

rainslacker551d ago

I think Forza had more detailed cars, but DC had better weather effects all around. Better draw distance with less of the rain effect on the "windshield" in Forza. Water on the ground and actual race track was significantly better in DC.

Maybe the severity of the weather in Forza wasn't as high as it was in DC, and DC does seem to go from clear to extreme weather too easily which can be annoying, whereas the racing in Forza weather is a bit more realistic in this regard because it's still manageable to drive in.

Hard to put a winner on this comparison. Both have their pros and cons.

UltraNova551d ago

The fact that this Vs is even up for debate is honestly mind-blowing and revealing. Its a testament to Driveclub's crazy quality. As for the other side...well the reality is that this is embaressing for both Take 10 and xb1x.

inveni0551d ago

I'm sure there are small things that look better on Forza, but the overall effect on Driveclub is better. In fact, the first thing I said to my son during the conference was, "Gross, look at the rain on the windshield." It didn't look anywhere near as good as Driveclub's, which is really pretty sad, because Driveclub is so old now.

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mark_parch552d ago

I have to admit drive club is very impressive looking in the rain. forza looks stunning at 1:50 and lets not forget it's locked at 60fps not 30fps like dc. like I said though credit to dc the weather effects are amazing.

badz149551d ago

DC's weather effects are untouchable still. 3 years later and no other games come close

Tussin187551d ago (Edited 551d ago )

Let not also forget when DC was released as well. Time also makes a big difference in game development.

And yes we are also comparing games with different framerates, developers, and two different systems. One that hasn't even released yet.

For me, what's​ impressive is that there is even a comparison between a game on PS4 and a game coming out for the "Beast" this year. And DC is kind of old now. So again, to me, this goes to show that it not all about raw numbers but the people using these numbers to show what we see with our eyes. This goes to show that DC was a technical marvel in it's own way. And let's not forget that these effects were made on a OG PS4 even though this is running on a Pro.

Bigpappy552d ago

Driveclub deserves credit for it's great work with water effects on screen. Forza is good to though. I will have to play them both to see which is better. The water on the screen should coincide with the amount of rain.
It is obvious Forza 7 will look better overall, but that's not what this article is debating, it's just water on the screen and Drive club did very well there.

nX551d ago

How's it obvious that Forza will look "better overall"? It might not even look better than GT Sport.

343_Guilty_Spark551d ago

Forza 7 looks miles better than GT Sport. Hell Driveclub looks better than GTS.

TheCommentator551d ago (Edited 551d ago )

Well, NX, GT Sport needs to get a stable framerate and native 4K before the game can try compete with FM7, which still has 30% more GPU to play with before it's tapped out the X1.

babadivad551d ago

Weather looks better in DC. But everything else looks better on Forza.

XanderZane551d ago (Edited 551d ago )

The rain looks pretty similar. Lots more water spray coming from tires on Forza 7. I want to see in car video of the rain on the windshield as well though. Sky and cars are easily more detailed in Forza 7. Watch video between 1:15 - 1:130 and it's pretty easily to see the differences. Sony fanboys will always say DriveClub is better, even when it isn't.

Gotcha5551d ago

Too bad Sony canned Evolution can't never get that back.

XanderZane551d ago

True. I was hoping for a new Motorstorm game from them. I enjoyed most of those games.

trooper_551d ago

Driveclub looks way better.

XanderZane551d ago (Edited 551d ago )

@ trooper_, GTgamer, wolf581

Trolling fanboys. Gotta laugh at them. lol!!

GTgamer551d ago

Driveclub still to this day is photorealistic DC WINS.

wolf581551d ago

But but with 6 teraflops of power we can atleast see driveclub at 4k/60

Kaneda551d ago

When you're driving fast. You will see lines of water on your windshield. Driveclub is like the car is not moving at all....

551d ago
joab777551d ago

A game made many years ago that was not made for the Pro. It's a pretty good game!

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DarkOcelet552d ago

Driveclub is still unrivaled when it comes to visuals to this day. It's insane how good it looks.

DarkOcelet552d ago

GTS looks phenomenal but Driveclub with weather effects is still on a league of its own.

Man I wish Driveclub 2 happens one day.

552d ago
Fishy Fingers552d ago

A DC and GTS comparison would be interesting if only to see the fanboys flounder.

babadivad551d ago

GT Sport doesn't look good during actual game play. The replay mode looks amazing, but that's because all graphical effects are cranked to the max during replay. When I've seen videos of it, it hasn't looked impressive at all. And it doesn't hold a steady frame rate. Even on the pro.

I've said this before, it's still early, but I've not been blown away yet by any GT videos of actual gameplay.

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DarkOcelet551d ago

Who knows, it might happen. I mean Knack 2 happened so am not giving up hope that DC 2 might happen one day as well.

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Godmars290552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

Yeah, really need to stop building up Forza "as the best racing game" when you get comparisons like this.

I mean, what's wrong with it just being what it is? A racing game.

PETE1985552d ago

Since when are rain effects indicative of how good a racing game is?
I am fortunate enough to own both consoles and Driveclub IS fantastic visually but Forza is (in my opinion) the better game (of course I am referring to Forza 6).
The goal for Forza 7 was clearly to target native 4K at 60 fps, this is impressive but will require some sacrifices elsewhere and the rain (in particular how it responds to the wipers/wind on the windscreen) is seemingly one of those sacrifices.

I guess my point is that your comment seems to imply that it is not the best game based on a video showcasing rain effects.... not really the best thing to base it on.

Godmars290552d ago

Nothing shows that its nothing more than another racing game.

And the only reason this insistence that it's "the best" is because GT was called it and that was recognized by actual pro racing groups, as if Sony hadn't bought that recognition.

XMarkstheSpot551d ago

Nothing shows its better? What about all the cars, tracks, detailed customization from car parts to cosmetics, to the actual physics of the game? Doesn't that not also contribute to what makes a game good or not? Not just what it looks like>

steveo123456550d ago

Wow a sensible comment, afraid its wasted in here my friend

Tedakin551d ago

"Look at those weather effects...... this is truly a great racing game." :D

steveo123456550d ago

The BEST racing games don't even look that good.

Nyxus552d ago

Driveclub still unmatched in this regard. It's a shame the studio was closed.

Yi-Long552d ago

Agreed. One the most short-sighted decisions I've seen this gen. The studio was tremendously talented, and the game was amazing. They could have kept building and expanding on it with multiple expansions, like they did with the bikes.

C-H-E-F552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

The issue didn't just fall on Driveclub, but the fans that "troll hated", bad reviews, poor sales and this being like their 4th failed game. Driveclub was released in a fray, not even finished, online services didn't work. So much was wrong with it, it embarrassed Sony. You don't embarrass Sony. They didn't learn from Zipper Interactive, the same thing happened they canned them. Driveclub was supposed to be the 1/2 punch flagship racing game. Being launched in such bad quality for the general public. Sony canned them.

From a business standpoint it makes sense, it's unfortunate but makes sense. They are now with Codemaster which is really great, hopefully we get them to work on the GRID series while codemaster focus on DIRT. That would be really epic tbh.

They may just make a spiritual successor, unfortunately it won't be tuned for 1st party quality, but third party so it may not look this gorgeous.

badz149551d ago

poor sales? the thing sole over 2 mil units easy! if that's not a great number, I don't know what they expected.

XanderZane551d ago

Yeah.. unmatched alright -
Only thing it ever had going for it was the graphics. Now there are games coming out that blow it away in every area, but fanboys will be fanboys.

Coreymac7551d ago (Edited 551d ago )

Those reviews are not indicative of where Driveclub is right now. This game is very different than it was at launch. It would probably be an 85 on metacritic now, not a 71

Nyxus551d ago

I said 'unmatched in this regard'. We were talking about weather effects here.

rainslacker551d ago

So because games are coming out 3 years later, and DC can still compete with them on a visual and game play level....far from being blown's not even more impressive what was achieved with DC?

DC had it's issues IMO, but it was a damn fine racing game. It was better than some others in some places, and worse in other places. No racing game is 100% perfect, and they all have their high and low points.

moegooner88551d ago

Your insecurity is astounding kid. Try again.

badz149550d ago

when DC has better weather effects than FM7, goes to show DC's Metascore. and When Sony shows dominance in console market, goes back to MS net worth that is several times bigger than Sony. these MS fanatics defences are really something else LOL

XanderZane550d ago

Insecure? I own PS4, XB1 and Wii U. Not insecure about anything. Pretty sure I'm twice your age. Been gaming since Pong was in the arcades. I used to talk to the developers (Infocom) who made the original Zork (1980). Their office was just around the corner from my apartment. Far, from being a kid. You probably have no idea what I'm talking about. lol!! Text adventure games was before your time I'm sure.

Sure the game is better now after the developer took over 3 years to fix everything and add new content like motorcycles. Still the controls and physic of this game is no where as good as GT or Forza. The fact they didn't have an American cars, pretty much sucks.

It's not better. They are pretty much similar. F7 seems to have more detail in some areas.

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subtenko551d ago

Not only that but I wana another Motorstorm with this tech!! DAgONITTTTTT :( I will share motorstorm as multiplat if we must (if that is the only way)

stefan_771551d ago

Agreed. A sequel with non-european cars would have been awesome

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