Website Review of begins a new trend of reviewing "nerd sites" with a review of the ever-controversial The review shares parts of the sites history that many readers might not know about, and actually contains an explanation for the blog's hatred of all things Sega.

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Stoneroses63003699d ago

wow...great review. Old-Wizard is one of my favorite sites. review was extremely well written too!

MountainMaverick3699d ago

tiny dancer hates old-wizard but loves elton john...

hombrehambre3699d ago

A review of a website? Hm... it sounds weird at first but now that I think about it I begin to wonder why I haven't seen something like this before...

RKRigney3699d ago

Yeah it's a new thing we're doing. I oftentimes mentally review a website when I'm visiting it anyway, and this is a great way to get out my thoughts in an effective and interesting way. Eventually, we'll do a review of N4G itself :)

hombrehambre3699d ago

Sega really is one of the worst developers in the industry at this point, on THAT I agree with Old-Wizard.

tinydancer3699d ago

I think they've just been having some "off" years. They could come back and be just as great as they were during their hayday (the dreamcast days, imo)

RKRigney3699d ago

Oh come on. The WORST? They make average games now, not horrible ones.

Stoneroses63003699d ago

yeah i hate sonic. old-wizard totally opened my eyes as to why!

Son of Odin3699d ago

if you hate sonic, you're not a real gamer. bottom line.

TheColbertinator3699d ago

@Son of Odin

Absolutely agree with that

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BIoodmask3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

I like Old Wizard because that site posts a lot of retro type articles and I enjoy retro gaming. The administrator does seem to have a biased towards Nintendo though.

TheColbertinator3699d ago

I think you mean biased against SEGA,Bloodmask

OldWizard3699d ago

personally i love old-wizard!

RKRigney3699d ago

haha wow... at least you're honest...

TheColbertinator3699d ago

Your conceited Wizard.

By the way

Shining Force>Soul Blazer

Phantasy Star>Final Fantasy

Fanboy Slaughter3699d ago

Way to tell it like it is Colbert, I'm actually eating your Americone Dream Ice Cream right now...good stuff...just like Shining Force.

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The story is too old to be commented.