SEGA is preparing to launch a subscription service of SEGA Forever?

The iOS version of Comix Zone recently published in the Philippines seems to have revealed the existence of SEGA Forever, subscription service apparently promoted by the Japanese publisher and apparently destined only to the mobile market.

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LAWSON72395d ago

Watching someone attempt to play a game like Sonic on a phone, yeah it is quite interesting.

TheUndertaker85395d ago

It's not difficult particularly with controller support.

DillyDilly394d ago

Bluetooth Playstation & XBOX Controllers say otherwise

freshslicepizza395d ago

This is why Nintendo gets so many critics, they too could easily do the same thing.

KwietStorm395d ago

I'm not paying a subscription fee to play Sega games on mobile. Nope.

395d ago
394d ago
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