The Forgotten Multiplayer Terrors Of Alien Versus Predator 2

''Alien versus Predator 2 is firmly established as a classic video game. There’s no if or buts about it, Monolith Production’s release is still above a number of games released to do this day. While it may have aged visually, it’s the tone and atmosphere that still stands up to modern standards.''

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earlygreenway339d ago

i loved eating my way out of people as the alien. (insert pun)

shloobmm3339d ago

One of the best games ever.

PixelGateUk339d ago

the single player still stands up to this day (bar the visuals of course)

Evil Rant Monkey339d ago

Premium Nostalgia! Wish I could go back and do it again. I loved those giant PC game boxes xD

PixelGateUk339d ago

funnily enough, i wrote a post gushing over big box PC games on the same site. The good old days!

TWB338d ago

It was a really good game. I never got to experience the MP that much, though. Only got to play in LAN with a friend, and it was fun, but I missed more players.

The singleplayer used to be pretty damn scary.

Kavorklestein338d ago

The online was intense! Predators were OP sometimes, but I loved running on walls and leap-splattering them.
I would easily sneak attack almost anyone playing as a human, and I did pretty well as a Human too.
Predator had too many buttons for me in MP, but I loved All 3 campaigns. The human campaign was intense as hell, but rewarding when I finally beat it.
Such a good game.
Also the 1st AVP was good for it's time.
And I absolutely loved the 2010 AVP