NVIDIA CEO: Every Human Will Be A Gamer Someday; GeForce Now as Major Game Service Is "Years Away"

Every human will be a gamer someday, according to NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. That will happen through cloud gaming services like GeForce Now, though he admitted that's still years away from being a major game service.

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DarkOcelet94d ago

Tell that to my Parents so they can laugh at you. I tried so hard to get many of my family members into gaming but all my efforts failed. Gaming is not for everyone, the same as reading books but the good news is that the gaming community is growing each day.

Erik735794d ago (Edited 94d ago )

It's not for that generation .

I think in the future saying you never played a video game is like saying you never watched a movie or read a book.

There are many people who don't even touch games. Most of them are from a older generation.

DarkOcelet94d ago

It's not just that generation. It's also this generation. Most of my friends never touched a game and don't even consider playing them. While this generation of people are more open to the idea of playing a game, i can assure you that there are still tons of people that just don't give a damn about games which is a shame in my opinion as they are missing out on so many great experiences.

mikeslemonade94d ago

I'm don't like people who don't play games. And it must be PC, XBOX, PS4, or Switch. The other gaming platforms I don't count either.

Aenea94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

My dad used to play on his Atari Lynx quite a lot, don't think anyone could beat him on Ms. Pacman, ever. Right now he's not interested anymore in a lot of things, just wants to watch football (soccer), he's turning 82 next week.

My mum has a Sony PSP which she hasn't used in a while, the battery died, I bought her a new battery and am re-installing the games she liked (the memory stick died too, wonder what happened with the device), anyhoo, she wants to play games on it again, she's 79...

And for me, well, I will turn 48 in a few weeks, now pass me that controller!

Erik735794d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Well its more of this generation and it will be even more for the next generation. You may find people who may not like games just like you find people who dont like movies or books. But you wont find in the future someone who has not picked up one and tried it. You find that still a lot today with previous generation and even today's generation.

Festano94d ago

I agree with you. It will be like those things, everyone tried them at some point, though not everyone likes them in the same way.

ccgr94d ago

Gaming is more economical than movies so I can see that being a possibility

Brave_Losers_Unite94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Hell no. For Netflix vs 60 a pop and on top of that microtransactions, subsciption services, and upgrades. Gaming is expensive as shit

Kornholic94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Netflix isn't even close to being the best medium of seeing the best or the latest films.

OmnislashVer3694d ago

Anime streaming and Netflix are way cheaper than gaming. I"m admittedly more casual at gaming than I used to be which works out well for my wallet. I only play a few games I'm really interested in. If I were hardcore I'd probably be broke from gaming tbh. It's expensive as shit.

mochachino94d ago

If they turn work into a virtual game, maybe, Nvidia.

bluefox75594d ago

Some people just aren't into games. I think gaming will continue to grow, but there's nothing that appeals to everyone universally.

OmnislashVer3694d ago (Edited 94d ago )

I think the hyperbole of everyone gaming in the future is correct. I mean, of course it won't be "everyone", but a hell of a lot more people will game.

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