Top 15 Best Disney Games Of All Time, Ranked

Twinfinite Writes: There have been countless Disney games over the years on various systems, but which ones stand out as the very best?

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naruga550d ago (Edited 550d ago )

Aladdin (Snes version) has a strange quality in it not present in others(disney games of 16 bit era), leaving you with a good platform feeling independant of the movie , ...very very well made game,you can even say it that is generally one of the best 16 bit platformers ever ...*sigh* Capcom in its golden days

alexgibson550d ago

Castle of Illusion?! Some good picks here :)

greysun123550d ago

I remember playing toy story on the N64 and having fun

PhoenixUp550d ago

Kingdom Hearts will always be the best Disney videogame franchise

crazychris4124550d ago

Split/Second was a great game, wish someone would make a spiritual successor