What I want to see in the next Mass Effect game

More Ryder adventures, better melee, and expanded multiplayer top the wishlist for the next installment of Mass Effect.

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LamerTamer296d ago (Edited 296d ago )

What I want to see is a good game that is finished at release. I know that is a bit much to ask in the age of early access alpha-test games being sold on disc, I can dream though.

SaveFerris296d ago

A complete reboot of Mass Effect Andromeda starring Alec Ryder, with a better story, characters, gameplay etc. And we can just pretend that the original never existed, a nightmare suffered by Alec Ryder, or was some kind of indoctrination theory. /s

Feriku296d ago

Please have a more interesting villain.

wcas295d ago

ME 1,2 & 3 I played and loved all of them. The people who made the first 3 are not with Bioware anymore. Andromeda was and is trash in comparison to the originals. The Mass Effect series died after ME3. The next ME after Andromeda? Like I said, There is no more ME IMO. It may bare the title Mass Effect but that is where the similarities end.