GamerTM: Operation Flashpoint 2 First Look Preview

GamerTM writes: "It's always a reassuring sign to see a developer enthuse about the subject matter his or her latest game is about. Whether that's a Naruto developer heaping praise on the said anime series or a racing game producer waxing lyrical about their favourite car, a healthy love of the topic in hand goes a long way to convincing you that the game you're seeing is very much a labour of love.

So when you see Clive Lindop, lead AI designer for Operation Flashpoint 2 rise up out of his chair and lovingly mutter "mmm, mini-gun…" while stroking a screen showing the said weapon, you certainly get the impression that the internal team Codemasters has working on Operation Flashpoint 2 has a bit of a thing for military hardware."

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Wotbot3557d ago

can the playing graphics be this good!

These are some of the best in game photorealistic graphics I have ever seen.

In shock and loving it.