Caring About Graphics Is Important, to an Extent

Twinfinite writes: A player’s first judgment of an upcoming video game starts with the graphics. The first showing of a game sets an expectation. Caring about graphics is necessary because it has to capture the imagination of players and make them want to explore the world. Though, players shouldn’t place all emphasis on a game with its graphics.

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kalkano407d ago

I don't need a game to have top-of-the-line graphics, but I do need it to resemble a somewhat modern video game. This is why, for me, mid-tier games are the ones currently worth playing. They can be in a genre other than action/FPS (which is what every AAA game is), but can also be respectable looking. That's why Persona 5, Trails of Cold Steel 1-3, and Dragon Quest 11 are such big deals to me. That genre was stuck with shoestring budgets for about a decade, and it was PAINFUL.

Bahamut406d ago

It's simple, if your game isn't going to have cutting edge graphics, just make sure it has a visually pleasing art style.

Timesplitter14406d ago (Edited 406d ago )

Actually, visually-pleasing art style is the only thing that matters. A game can have cutting-edge graphics and still look completely uninteresting (Ubisoft/Crytek games). On the other hand, a game can be 2D or very minimal, and still look 10x better than modern AAAs (Yoshi's Island, Inside)

mikeslemonade406d ago

Graphics is the second most important element in the video game. Been tired of people condemning others for liking and wanting better graphics. Whats wrong with wanting better?

Kombatologist406d ago


Second most important element? More like third. If it doesn't have a good story and/or game play, then who cares what it looks like? Graphics become obsolete, but story and game play make a game memorable.

Deep-throat406d ago

We PC gamers openly care about the best graphics, we don't try to hide it and claim that advanced graphics aren't that important. But many of us still prefer very high framerate when they do multiplayer games.

As for console gamers, many on the net pretend that they don't care. Lies of course.

Just Imagine games like Ryse or Uncharted series without pretty graphics...

Timesplitter14406d ago (Edited 406d ago )

Not at all. To me, the essence of PC gaming is indie/less-than-AAA/less accessible games, and downgrading the graphics settings liberally in every single game until you hit 144 fps at rock-bottom minimum. I can't go back to consoles as long as the requirement for every game isn't at least 60 fps.

It's kinda starting to happen with Pro/Scorpio, though.

Timesplitter14406d ago

It's like bathing your eyes in silky-smooth cream

Deep-throat405d ago

Haha. But it's expensive bro!

guyman406d ago

"Just Imagine games like Ryse or Uncharted series without pretty graphics..."

And you continue with your laughably pathetic trolling of Sony. uncharted is a 90% + multiple GOTY awarded, multi million sales franchise way out of the league of Ryse. I guess you're just salty because uncharted, specificaly uncharted 4, Is better than anything Microsoft has put out this generation. Ouch.

Deep-throat406d ago

I'm not bro. I can show you my copy that I bought when the game came out.

Uncharted series is nothing without graphics.

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Link2DaFutcha406d ago

I think graphics is the wrong word. Aesthetic is important, the game should have a look and feel that is of a high quality. There are plenty of games with lesser graphics (Gungeon) that still look great doing what they do well. When games don't look great (ME:A) and have graphical glitches that is a problem. Breath of the Wild doesn't have the best graphics, but it still has an amazing aesthetic that serves the art style well.

quent406d ago

Well if the player feels more of an attachment to a character made out of 16 bit pixels then today's more modern realistic high polygon count ones then you know sheits FKD UP in every department except for the graphics

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