US PlayStation Store Sales This Week Include 'Only On PlayStation' And NBA 2K17 Sale

US PlayStation Store is offering a new set of deals this week focused primarily on games that are available exclusively on the PlayStation platforms.

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TXIDarkAvenger241d ago

I was hoping the Uncharted Collection would be here :/

Sam Fisher241d ago

Then i was hoping too big, im looking for nms. But seriously this sale is weak

gprime241d ago

I was hoping for that too, along with the last of us, gravity rush remastered, infamous second son, and uncharted 4. Disappointed on all counts.

Kribwalker241d ago

I've been waiting for driveclub and the Last of us remastered, but until dawn is worth a $10

dauntingcookie241d ago

They skipped the Flash Sale last week so maybe they will have one this week.

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VincentCastle241d ago

god of war 3 and untill dawn shall be mine

zahdab241d ago

What happened to the flash sale over the weekend ? or is it this weekend ?

SatanicEyeJesus241d ago

I have the same question... Hoping for a great sale.

dboyman241d ago

I'm guessing starting March 24th...

SweetLeafSmoker241d ago

haha just posted this in my OG comment on this thread.

I'm pretty sure the flash sale is the 3rd week every month. Technically this is the 3rd week of March. It looks weird the way the months fall on the calender.

SweetLeafSmoker241d ago

Flash sale should be this week also.. It's technically the 3rd week of March.. I'm pretty sure they do the Flash sales in the 3rd week of every month.

I swear I saw someone say that the flash sale was coming last week but if it did I never saw it.

SilverDemon241d ago IS "flash"'em

srsly, I'm hoping sony wont stop doing those, im afraid this playstation only sale is replacing flash sale this month....lets hope im wrong

Chumdiddy241d ago

Love all the advertisements on sale. That or 3,448 ads were blocking the list of games on sale, adding a new perma-ad every 5 seconds.

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The story is too old to be commented.