Let's Not Write Off Mass Effect Andromeda Yet

HPP: In the wake of all the news about Mass Effect Andromeda's faults, one brave journalist wants to remind us why we really love these games in the first place.

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derkasan397d ago

I guess we'll know on Tuesday.

RedPill86397d ago

EA access showed more than enough. Glitches from ME3 still exist and it's a new engine..These guys couldn't code their way out of a paper bag. It's awful. Avoid it completely.

Krysis397d ago

It's weird I have not run into a single glitch or bug. I mean the facial animations are a hot mess but no bugs for me. Oh and ME 3 and Andromeda were coded by 2 totally different studios. I wonder how many people just follow the hate mob cause that's what's cool these days

OpieWinston397d ago

Armchair Dev right here... Yeah because coding is so easy. And the facial animations problems are because of the character customization on the Ryders. Then again I haven't seen anything that was really that bad in my playthrough.

I'll continue exploring the Andromeda galaxy and putting quite a few hours into this game.

RedPill86397d ago

I see we have some Profesional liars here.

You cannot jump and boost without some kind of bug happening 50% of the time. Saying you haven't seen a bug proves to all of us you don't know what a bug is OR your standards are so pathetically low you probably shouldn't talk as you're giving people false hope.

Rebel_Scum397d ago

A new engine doesn't mean everything "broken" or glitchy in the old engine is fixed. Some might be, some might not. Rather than act like a dick why not give more context into your comment as to why they should avoid it rather than shit on the developers.

Right now your comment reads like a rant with no base argument to support it. Saying "some kind of bug happens" means nothing to back yourself up either.

UltraNova396d ago

I wont give up on the game, I ll just get the GotY edition, hopefully it will get better by then.

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Tankbusta40397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

I'm going in optimistic, really hoping for the best.

Captain_Tom397d ago

There's nothing wrong with hoping for the best. But hope should never distract you from reality, and the reality is this looks like a massive f*ck up.

Pintheshadows397d ago

It feels like it as well. It's a shame as they have the most RPG elements in here since ME1, but everything else just feels a bit average.

And I am wondering where the likeable characters are as well.

397d ago
Tankbusta40397d ago (Edited 397d ago )


From the people I've talked to that have played it on EA access they say the combat is good etc, the facial animations I can live with being bad. Nobody knows the whole story so claiming it's terrible is an over reaction. The Internet is full of that. If you remember correctly mass effect one had awful controls and other problems and the game was still good. Internet outrage is often over blown which is why I am optimistic.

opinionated397d ago

I'm going in pessimistic lol. If it's not as bad as people are crying about then it will be a pleasant surprise.

Captain_Tom396d ago

@Tankbusta40, Cupofjoe, and seemingly everyone else

I am not at all concerned about the animations. I am concerned that literally everything about this game screams lazy cash-in.

Almost no new races, the old ones are just as shallow as ever, and the game is more linear than ever,

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krontaar397d ago

Too late. Bring on persona 5!

_-EDMIX-_397d ago


I was never buying Mass Effect simply to look at.

Antnee534397d ago

Idk anymore I just heard the choices you make in this game won't effect any future games. That instantly takes away from what made the 1st three some if the best games last gen

_-EDMIX-_397d ago

Buddy I could care less

for god sakes some of the choices in the first game like Ashley or Kirilenko or light-skinned black guy vs. dark skinned black guy were pointless!!!!

I only made my choice based on liking Keith David lol

I don't could care less about the stupid system that they had in place just focus on making a damn good game , the dumb gimmicks that they had with that was almost pointless.

Captain_Tom397d ago

Then what did you like about ME?

It's combat was solid, but not special. It's graphics were good, but not great. It's story was decent, but not the best.

The choices and characters are what made the series. If that's not what you liked, I am curious as to if you even really liked it lol

Pintheshadows397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

So basically, you didn't like the one thing that made Mass Effect feel truly unique?

And you're going as far as to call it pointless. You're full of it.

And it's Kaidan. I have to wonder if you have actually played the games at this point.

_-EDMIX-_397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

"It's combat was solid, but not special. It's graphics were good, but not great. It's story was decent, but not the best."

To you

Did you think of the points you made are fact? They are subjective views.

I liked enough for the story and narrative to continue the series.

I fully understand it wasn't the greatest story ever told in a game , I very much understand it's combat was nothing like Resident Evil 4 or Gears of War.

Have you not recognized​ that people are not playing games as simply to play only the best and ignore all else?

That would be like suggesting someone to only watch Scorsese films and nothing else or to watch Citizen Kane and nothing else.

I don't need to fight you or convince you that I like to series, it is my personal opinion to play the series for the reasons that I like.

I don't need to convince someone of that.

The choices in the characters are technically what made the series for YOU

it was a take-it-or-leave-it for me, I enjoy how the characters were presented and I'm actually completely fine with a reset with different characters.

I'm not sure why you're having a hard time understanding that not everybody is liking the exact same things in this series as you , I'm not even sure how that's a surprise. 😂😂😂

How old are you?

@pin- "So basically, you didn't like the one thing that made Mass Effect feel truly unique?"

To you...

That was never the reason why I actually played that series.

Maybe you did..

That's nice I find it strange you guys are having an extremely hard time understanding that people have different views than you guys that you think that all art with robotic and we all needed to like the exact same things for the same reasons?


I chose to have Ashley live and clearly I didn't care enough on about his character to even care to remember his name. Lol 😂😂😂

Are you guys so salty that there are people that played this entire series that don't feel the same way?

Get over yourself please, I'm not sure why Fanatics of the series turn into religious zealots if you don't see things the same way.


I never played the Mass Effect series for the meaningless choices. I even bought all three Mass Effect series through different ways because I could care less about how the story was. Over.

I own the first mass effect on PC but not for steam, I own Mass Effect 2 Steam and I own rhird Mass Effect on PlayStation 3.

I didn't even care to have any of that information transfer it over it was not important enough that it controlled the entire game for me.

For me bud, FOR ME! LOL no hard to understand.

Pintheshadows397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

Well, all I am saying EDMIX, is that by ignoring that side of Mass Effect you missed a lot of the detail and nuance that I experienced by playing through all 3 on multiple different saves. I'd even go as far to say that you should make a concerted effort to go back and play them all just to see the excellent little changes that are otherwise non existent.

'I never played the Mass Effect series for the meaningless choices.'

Then we are at an impasse, as that is one of the stupidest statements I have ever seen on this website. Call me a 'fanatic' all you want but that is one of the f'ing pillars of the entire Mass Effect franchise. Next you'll be telling me that you didn't care for any of the characters in ME2.

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