Taro Yoko Says They'll Make a Drakengard Remastered Collection if Square Enix Funds It

Now that NieR: Automata is out now for PlayStation 4 worldwide (and with a PC release coming on March 17th), series creator and game director Taro Yoko has been talking up the game and its overall universe, which also includes its progenitor, the Drakengard series. During a Q&A panel at this year’s PAX East (which…

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phoenixwing101d ago

I'd like to play that since i missed out on them in the ps2 era.

Herbiwhore101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

I would love that! Drakengard 3 could really do with some polish!

awdevoftw101d ago

and ill buy it if they make it.

jznrpg101d ago

Please please please !!!!!