Shadow of the Tomb Raider to have online multiplayer 'similar to Expedition Mode'

“[We] can confirm that as a studio we continue to look for opportunities that extend gameplay experiences beyond the main campaign, similar to our Expedition Mode in Rise of the Tomb Raider,” says Meagan Marie, Senior Community Manager at Crystal Dynamics.

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toddybad666d ago

Just scrap the multiplayer. There are single player games and there are multiplayer games. There really is no reason to mix then up in the majority of cases.

Lighter9666d ago (Edited 666d ago )

I feel the same way about TLOU and Uncharted. Imagine how much bigger and better these games would be without MP.

toddybad666d ago

They wouldn't be bigger or better but wouldn't be harmed either.

nowitzki2004666d ago

I kind of agree but TLOU MP was great. UC4 was good but I really didnt care if it was there or not.

Lighter9666d ago

So you're telling me that all of that space they use for MP, couldn't be replaced with more SP stuff?

nowitzki2004666d ago

Usually the MP maps are just areas pulled from SP areas, and the weapons and animations are all there. Wouldnt take that much space to just add game modes.

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rainslacker666d ago

If they want to extend the game, instead of just making MP, they should just make DLC content which offers tons of replayability. Things like Bioshock Inifinite: Clash in the clouds for instance.

Not that I care if they have a MP mode also, but MP only appeals to those who like MP, whereas I'd imagine the primary customer for TR is going to be SP gamers....particularly after the first TR MP was pretty barren.

It takes really special MP tacked onto a SP experience to really get people excited, and 9 times out of 10, the tacked on MP experience is less than stellar.

ClayRules2012666d ago

Crystal Dynamics, please focus on other areas of your game that need improving. Like the writing/ voice acting.

While I enjoy Lara, as a character, everyone else around her are poorly acted & uninteresting "in my opinion" Also, Lara's old ( walking, running, combat ) animations from the TR reboot 2013, which were reused for Rise of the Tomb Raider 2016 game was sad to see & lazy "in my opinion"

Tomb Raider + MP = wasted time & resources "in my opinion"

pinkcrocodile75666d ago

"Like Writing / Acting"

Which part of the writing was a problem for you specifically? Rhianna did a great job in my view, however ND is on par with RP's script. Writing-wise neither one was going to set the world alight.

ClayRules2012666d ago

The writing done for Jonah & Jacob wasn't convincing or believable, for me. I didn't care it Jonah died, when he was shot, because he's just lifeless "in my opinion" Jacob's another story.
I didn't like Lara's friends in the 2013 game either. Well, Sam wasn't too bad, and the guy who was like an uncle/father figure to Lara ( in a way ) after losing her father wasn't bad. Somewhat liked him.
I'm genuinely glad you enjoyed Rhianna's performance, bud.

I personally feel Crystal Dynamics needs new writers to come in, and breath life into these characters & work with the artists/design team to make this world that Lara tries to survive in, and explore feel alive and speak ( in a sense )

Fishy Fingers666d ago (Edited 666d ago )

Interesting to see what they come up with. Plenty of SP games have introduced MP successful amidst the woes of gamers, only later to proclaim the MP great and essential in future games.

Let's see what they bring before writing it off.

CaptainSellers666d ago (Edited 666d ago )

Please no, the multiplayer in 2013 was dreadful and the silly card based score attack was just a boring repeat of the main story.

Though that wasn't the reason Rise sold far less than the previous title.

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