Ni no Kuni II Gets New Trailer Showing an Epic Battle and Exploring the Map

Level5 launched a new trailer for the RPG Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, coming to PlayStation 4 and PC in 2017. Exact release date not yet revealed.

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UCForce673d ago

Well, I gotta say. This is very impressive.

mikeslemonade672d ago

Game of the year if it wasn't for Mario and Zelda

672d ago
XanderZane672d ago

Hell yes. It looks better then the first game. Can't wait. Gotta preorder this as soon as I can. Day one, just like the first game.

Relientk77673d ago

It looks fantastic. Getting it day one, whenever it comes out

Blu3_Berry672d ago

God it looks so good. Definitely day 1 purchase from me.

VsAssassin672d ago (Edited 672d ago )

After Nioh, I consider this my next purchase that I am really excited about. Beautiful trailer!

Edit: Those Higgledies are so adorable and charming! They're mighty vicious too!

italkgame672d ago

No question in my mind, I am buying this day one. But sorry the Pikmin look generic and thusfar the only reason I will put up with them is because it might lead to a more fun gamesystem. But bleh...

WickedLester672d ago

Sony continues to embarrass the competition with its output of console exclusives.

Hey Sony, HUGE missed opportunity by not porting over the first Ni No Kuni to PS4!

UCForce672d ago

Man, I can't wait for this.

terrorofdeath672d ago

They probably will release a PS4 remastered version closer to the Ni No Kuni release date to get some of the people that missed out on the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.