My Bid For A New 'Dead Space'

FGE - Dead Space, a game full of blood, gore, and horror. What’s not to love about it? You would be hardpressed to find any gamer who has negative things to say about the Dead Space franchise. Sure there is that old criticism about “Bro Space 3” and how the third installment was more of an action movie rather than a true survival horror game like the one’s we were used to. But even still the worth of the game to it’s fans is unparalleled and really quite deservingly so. They were just good games plain and simple. Every year when E3 rolls around, in the back of my mind sits Dead Space.

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Summons75277d ago

I'd love a new Dead Space if they go back to psychological horror like 1 and 2, 3 was just bad.

DarkOcelet277d ago

DS 3's problem is that it focused on Co-op and Action gameplay instead of the feeling of being isolated. And the fact is had that $hitty microtransactions really ruined it for me.

I loved that you can craft your own weapons and all that but that was the only good thing about it. Oh and lets not forget that the ending was locked behind dlc.

rezzah277d ago

How did it end, i forgot if i played the dlc.

DarkOcelet277d ago


It ended with the moon waking up and attacking Isaac and Carvers ship in the end. The screen went blank so it basically ended on a cliffhanger.

bouzebbal277d ago

DS3 was an improvement in so many ways. First it was a seemless adventure with no loading times between levels, second is customized weapons and third it was longer.
The negative thing i can say about it is it didn't have new enemies, it's the same monsters from previous episodes except the aliens in the latest chapters.
I platinumed it it was such a rich adventure!

discobastard277d ago

Yeah, although I thought 2 was bad. Can barely remember it now. I thought they'd created a great IP with a distinctive style that was capable of scaring the absolute poop out of you

blu3_puls3277d ago

Yes they do need to return, its been too long. Please keep it like the first 2 games though. 3 wasn't bad, but there were way too many michael bay moments which was unnecessary.

ibrake4naps277d ago

with VR support, like RE7!!!

Summons75277d ago

Geex, I could imagine the Vr sickness from that game. The horror is one thing but the zero gravity space scenes! It'd be so cool! Yes please.

Kratos0289277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

Dead Space 1&2 are so so SO! good, 3 reeked of EA meddling >:(

Donnie81277d ago

If resident evil 7 is a massive hit I could see ea jumping back into the survival horror game. Just give everyone what they want though, a survival horror experience without the co op and micro transactions.

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The story is too old to be commented.