Why Microsoft Should Be Praised Over Scalebound By Someone Who Has Worked In Game Development

Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed has posted an opinion piece looking at the cancellation of Scalebound from the perspective of his time working in game development with two companies.

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Herbalistic217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

I'm not going to praise Microsoft being as they closed down nearly every one of their 1st party studios along with ruining others. am sure some good people are within the Xbox division that really care about gaming and dislike going down this direction but there is really nothing they could do. The problem with Microsoft in gaming starts with the top cats running the company.

Garethvk217d ago

I meant praise in the form of better than pushing a bad or incomplete game out to make a cash grab and save face. But there does seem to be a real disconnect over there at times. The One S was selling well and they have a new system coming yet seem to keep making blunders big and small all over. E3 is a few months out and now one would have to say ok, you showed off some great stuff but will you be actually able to complete it and bring it to market as your recent record casts doubt on this. When was the last time Sony touted a major release and was not able to bring it to market?

Angeljuice217d ago

They could always have stepped up the production with extra resources (developers, money and time) rather than bail out on a project that they obviously believed in.

They commissioned the game and failed to back their own judgement when it came to the crunch.

Razzer217d ago

Microsoft being able to deliver on games they promote is an issue. People buy consoles based on what they see at shows like E3. Killing a bad game is fine. Not sure I would be applauding quite yet though. Ultimately Microsoft sold a game console to millions. There is responsibility to deliver games, not announce and then cancel. It is a disturbing trend.

sinjonezp217d ago

I agree angel , this is just ridiculous. You have been selling the fact that this game is on the way. You been showing gameplay, trailers, etc, then all of a sudden, it's cancelled. Outside of Forza, Halo, and Gears, MS has yet to deliver any other original content. Every time a studio gets involved or in bed with MS, something bad happens. Look at Rare, when they were with Nintendo they could almost do no wrong, since with MS, what do they really have to show for it? I myself was looking forward to this title and it's really disappointing. It's crazy one minute a game is canceled then they say well we have this game and that on the way, and then those games are cancelled. What's the point of having a system that does not have dedicated content that the competition offers more of? I have an Xbox 1 S and a ps4pro and to be honest, outside of halo 5 and forza, it's been collecting dust. MS need to realize that content drives the business and without it what's the point? Look at Nintendo, look at the wiiU. I guess all their efforts are going towards project scorpio. I'm hoping when they finally unveil the new system, a lot of exclusive content is shown as well.

GtR35olution217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

The wheels on the bus goes round and round. Talk about flipping spinning. Scalebound was a game i was looking forward to because i like rpg games and also xbox lacks jrpgs.

I think xbox one console is a waste of time to own when you can get all games on pc. I must say the only reason to own an xbox is because you like the convenience of consoles over a pc. I think xbox will be a service only soon and youll need a pc to play xbox games. The writing is on the wall with a bunch of studios that closed down and games being cancelled. Dont be surprised if scorpio is just a small pc ( you know what i mean)

_-EDMIX-_217d ago

Who said they're only other option was to release an incomplete game?

I'm sorry but if there was something wrong with scalebound they easily could have brought in another team to assist Platinum Games , is it not Microsoft who owns the intellectual property? So how much do they want to invest in a title as a future series if they're not even willing to put their own damn team on board to help?

So basically your only argument is it's better to get absolutely nothing then what they possibly could have created? How do you know the final release was going to be rushed or crappie? They simply could have got another team to assist them so I'm not entirely sure why you're making it sound like the only possible feasible way would have been to release it rushed I'm sorry but a rushed game is a choice that is not the only option, you choose to do that.

If it took several more years then so be it , it would have showed Microsoft's real commitment to Japanese games it would have showed Microsoft a real commitment to developing a new intellectual property internally and it would have showed that they're in it for the long run.

tyasia0217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

Make sure you cash your check fast before Microsoft can cancel it.

GtR35olution217d ago

this guy wants to praise microsoft for not releasing a game a lot of people were looking forward to playing and they have been hyping the game for years. i guess he wants to also praise microsoft for not paying the development team also because i heard they were holding back money from the devs,

the game looked good to me except for the low frame rate which i know can be fixed with a bit more time and with scorpio coming out i know these developers had to make a pc version, a xbox one version and a scorpio version so imagine the time that is needed, people need to stop the damage control.the last guardian was announced by sony in 2009 and because people were looking forward to it they continued working on it until it was fixed. can you imagine the time it took to make a ps3 game work on a ps4 system.

xbox is for wasteman

gangsta_red217d ago (Edited 217d ago )


"I'm sorry but if there was something wrong with scalebound they easily could have brought in another team to assist Platinum Games"

So if you take you car to an auto repair shop and it's costing you money each day it's in that shop and the deadline that they said it would be finished keeps getting pushed you "easily" hire more auto mechanics to bring to that shop to fix your car?

They were contracted to make the game, why would MS be required to step in and spend more money on a project they said they would finish.

And even still, didn't MS take KI out of the hands of the original developer and then give it to Iron Galaxy? In that case though the original dev finished the game as they were contracted to do and MS chose another dev to pick up where they left off. Platinum couldn't even finish the game and get it out as scheduled.

"How do you know the final release was going to be rushed or crappie?"

Because it was canceled and because reports and rumors are now coming in that the game was no where near it should have been at this time. I mean truly believe MS would just cancel the game if it was good?

"If it took several more years then so be it , it would have showed Microsoft's real commitment to Japanese games"

So this is how you run a business?

How do you know that their scope or what they wanted could have been achieved on the current console? Do you think that maybe what they wanted just wasn't possible? Rumors suggest that they couldn't get the engine right and the framerate was terrible.

Several more years? So keep dumping more money and taking away more resources and wasting more time with no guarantee that there will be a return on investment and all to show that they have a commitment to Japanese games?

Are you serious?


That's great that Evolution was finally able to get Driveclub out the door after delays, and then keep working on it and working on it even after it's release...

Where's Evolution Studios now?

bluefox755217d ago (Edited 216d ago )

False dichotomy. I remember Driveclub. Game was delayed, and delayed, tons of apparent development problems. I'm sure it would have been far cheaper to just scrap it early on, but they didn't. They took a lot of crap for it, even after launch, but in the end the game ended up being pretty great. I guess I'm glad they didn't just give up on it like they did with Scalebound, because then we'd have no game at all. Who knows? Scalebound could have been something special as well, in spite of all the struggles. The cheapest, and easiest way isn't always the best. Especially when you consider the cost of your consumers losing trust.

@Gangsta You're missing the point. It's not about the studios being there, studios come and go, unfortunately that's just the nature of the industry. It's about the fact that they completed what they started, even in the face of adversity. Also, I see you wrote off The Last Guardian for similar reasons because "it didn't chart", as if that somehow matters to gamers? It was a great game that, in spite of some flaws, received a lot of praise and even some GOTY picks. But because "it didn't chart", Sony should have scrapped it a long time ago? Who's side are you on? Are you a share holder? Is your brand loyalty really so strong that you're willing to defend the company over the consumer?

_-EDMIX-_217d ago

@gred- I'm not entirely sure why you're still trying to defend this stupidness....

The Last Guardian.
Final Fantasy 15

Ponder that bud.

gangsta_red217d ago (Edited 216d ago )


"The Last Guardian.
Final Fantasy 15

Ponder that bud."

Hmmmm *pondering*, Last Guardian, a 1st party game that supposedly couldn't run on ps3 so it was shelved until ps4. Not to mention it didn't chart on the top 10 on it's release. (I believe)

Final Fantasy 15, one of the, if not the only jrpg franchise series that sells everywhere, very well, no matter what.

Versus a brand new IP done by a small 3rd party studio that was rumored to not have the man power, time and couldn't be technically done on the hardware without extreme compromises. Any other trivial generalizations, because usually you have a lot more to say.



"...but you do your research about the auto repair shop and make sure they do good work and make sure they hit normal timelines."

So Platinum doesn't do good work and never hit normal timelines? Wow, you guys are funny. It's even funnier that a lot of your solutions is to throw more money at something that isn't working.

"Im starting to think people have problems thinking before they type..."

The sad, sad irony of this line.

OzzY-waZZy216d ago

Let's just praise all the promised lies. Let's praise the fact that those cancelled games could have been the very reason why some people purchased an xbone. Such an absolutely trash and ridiculous argument.

candystop216d ago

"What's the point of having a system that does not have dedicated content that the competition offers more of"

Hum....Maybe this is what MS wants!

rainslacker216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

they could have recognized the problems long before months before release and resolved them on the production level like most productions go through. It's not like no games have troubled development. But most of the time, it's up to the producer to actually resolve those problems long before it gets to cancellation. A lot of money was lost on this cancellation, and I'm sure it wasn't MS first inclination to just scrape it. But you, as a former developer don't know what MS did to actually remedy the problems, and you don't know what problems may have been caused by MS itself, nor you don't know what problems were caused by P*, and don't know what could have even been done, or if it really was beyond salvation.

People say the game was bad. But nothing I saw suggested that on a technical level this was the case. It certainly needed some optimization, but the things people complained about on the technical level seemed more like unoptimized code than actual problems with the game play.

Development was delayed, apparently at several milestones. But what exactly was done about that.

I'm sorry, but praising MS for this decision is extremely premature. MS has not stated why it was cancelled. P* hasn't. We have some cursory reports that there were problems between MS and P*, but we don't know the full extent of that.

For a developer to say we should praise MS because they cancelled a bad game, is just wrong. MS should be QUESTIONED(maybe not criticized) on why exactly the game was canned. Instead, you feel it's perfectly fine to just say that some publisher should be praised because the game was bad....despite not actually knowing if the game is actually bad.

I'm sure, you, as a developer wouldn't be saying the same thing if you were in P* position. Your "praise" reeks of click bait and fanboyism, and you should be ashamed of yourself for jumping to the conclusions that you have, because if you've been in game development, you completely understand that this could be just as much MS fault as P*. MS was the producer of this game, and you understand completely what kind of control they have over the production of the game, and how it could be just as easily their fault for placing demands on the game that P* couldn't deliver. You also understand that P* is culpable in saying they could deliver. But you also know that the issues involved may have been possible to remedy and shouldn't be outright praised or condemned without knowing the facts.

Utalkin2me216d ago


Are you being serious right now? MS is notoriously bad about changing their minds and deceiving customers. Games, Kinect, everything about the Xbox 1 release.


ROFLMAO.....No, but you do your research about the auto repair shop and make sure they do good work and make sure they hit normal timelines.

Im starting to think people have problems thinking before they type and just post solely on emotion.

Major_Glitch216d ago

Gangster Green is just mad because he's beginning to accept the fact that Xbox has no games.

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denawayne217d ago

Most of the negative comments in all of these doom and gloom MS articles are from Sony fanboys anyways. Let's just wait until E3. I'm sure MS has stuff that has been in the works for a while and they decided to hold onto it until the Scorpio reveal. I can't imagine MS saying "Here's Scorpio and Crackdown 3, goodnight everyone!"

foxdie2k15217d ago

Thats all you have to look forward to scorpio aroun 600 700 bucks and crackdown having development troubles also and i have both systems ms has no exclusives sony has over 20 for the 1st quater of the year o more games goodluck with your all mighty powerful system with 0 games to show for it and as far as e3 i doubt they will have anything good they are riding there last hope on there premium console jajajajaja goodnight to you and good luck

BlackTar187217d ago

MS has been hurting Xbox brand for like 10 yrs now it for some started with the dying of Xbox so quick but for others is was the lack of game son 360 after year 4 and that trend is still going till this very day. Now you have them with very few games and trying to get another 400-600 system into people's houses. I ask for what purpose?

_-EDMIX-_217d ago

Yes because Xbox One gamers are just thrilled that scalebound is gone?

Razzer217d ago

You have to know Scorpio is going to dominate their E3.

Sono421216d ago

how do you not realize that all you Microsoft fanboys say the same thing every year.. "You know Microsoft has more right around the corner! You just know it!... I mean.. how couldn't they?!" It's the same thing EVERY YEAR when will you realize? If you're not getting Halo Gears or Forza then you're getting nothing.

sampson3121216d ago

"Most of the negative comments in all of these doom and gloom MS articles are from Sony fanboys anyways."

so let me get this straight, you are saying that xbox owners aren't complaining about this game being cancelled?
if this is true than MS will have smooth sailing in their non committal to releasing new ip's.

myself being a playstation gamer was just as surprised that this game was cancelled, and was looking forward to watching gameplay.

xbox gamers should be concerned about the amount of cancelled games and lack of in house development teams xbox has working on new ip's.

let's hope that crackdown doesn't suffer the same fate as scalebound.

Specter229216d ago

@foxdie ... you can't say "I have both systems" and then preach sony's praise. It kinda makes you look like your full of it. If you wanted to be taken seriously with your comment maybe rephrase it? I myself do have both consoles , and while my main gaming console is my xbox it is a bit worrisome to me that xbox doesn't have anywhere near as many exclusives as Sony. Hence why I have both consoles. I can enjoy the exclusives offered by Sony and play the multiplatform games on my Xbox.

fleecejohnson75216d ago

Yeah, there certainly may be some truth to that for real. I mean cuz for real, you have NEVER seen this much talk about Scalebound around this motha f'er until it went belly up. Where was the talk for Scalebound for days on end when it was actually still a thing? Even after the initial reveal & gameplay looks there wasn't days worth of talk about thid game. It would be lucky to survive several hours before regurgitated sales talk & n4g's favorite was heating up the biards.

In fact, I LITERALLY just started looking it up to see more of the footage for it out there because of all the sudden talk & "concern" for this game. Ironically enough when I scour through old history & archives here, some of the same people that I see pretending to be concerned & lamenting the loss were legit downplaying the game labeling it meh, mediocre & predicting lackluster results for it.

It is not fair though to label everyone a sony fanboys because they are talking about it"s demise. As I am sure that there were a few legitimately looking forward to the game. So you can't just discount all of the feedback & voicing of displeasure over this.

There does seem to be enough evidence to support an agenda though. As like I said it's almost comical how much interest this title is only now getting on n4g. Maybe if it was this much concern & interest earlier we could have shown them how badly it was wanted lol. Instead it was downplaying, complaints about animation & talk of how mediocre it looks & will most likely be.

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fiveby9217d ago

I do have to think XBOX as a product would be better served if spun off from MS. Not sure what's going on there but doesn't seem very well run at times.

ImGumbyDammit216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

Maybe. However, to play this console game there are very few people willing to spend the resources. Very few have that ability.  The truth is Xbox is neither a drag (it doesn't' bleed money from MS bottom line) And yes it is not a huge money maker for Microsoft  (relative to their other many billion dollar profit driven divisions) This contrary to the importance the PS is to the existence of Sony's profits. However, Xbox does afford Microsoft a way into the living room and is a brand name across several Window platforms. It provides Microsoft a way for the company, a company mainly associated with the enterprise or business apps, into the general consumers lives. Microsoft has really no reason to remove Xbox if it isn't a drain.  And looking at their financials there are no big divisions with in Microsoft, that unlike Sony are weighing down anything, quite the opposite. 

Now if you truly want to talk hard truths.  Many investors are clamoring for Sony to do with PS what you propose for Microsoft do with Xbox: split of SIE away from Sony. It currently is a subsidiary of Sony and it would better served if SIE were split off to separate entity. Sure Sony would remain the majority owner (with 51%+ stake) But, they would not be able to tap those profits for other purposes inside the company and SIE's value as a company would grow not held back by the other dying Sony divisions. It would be great if SIE could use all the money it generates for it's own purposes. Or if you really want to be even more drastic they should start shedding all that dead company weight. TV/Audio electronics has been red for years. Chips and phones, cameras all red, red, red. Only big divisions that have been a positive on the bottom line are movies but, less than 100 million profit on 1.6 billion expenditure for 2016, music thanks to increased streaming revenues and insurance (better than the rest but not whole lot).  PS (SIE) accounted for almost 80% of Sony's profits for 2016.    Right now most of Sony's other company divisions are deep in the red and sucking up all the money PS4 is bringing into Sony's coffers. As one who wants PS succeed and grow, I be more worried about the health of Sony as a whole, (and hence the damage it can cause SIE) if they continue allowing their "golden goose's" profits be siphoned by the other divisions.   Compare that to Microsoft, with no one division dominating in such a way as the a systemic failure of one area could bring down the company.

rainslacker216d ago


PS is already spun off from Sony. Subsidiary means it's not part of Sony proper, but a part of Sony's assets. This is what MS investors wanted for Xbox. Nothing more, nothing less. There is no clamoring. Sony is actually worth more because of PS, so not sure where you're getting your info from.

The reason some investors were clamoring for Xbox to be spun off was because it was holding back Xbox stock. not because it wasn't profitable.

CaptainObvious878217d ago

The signs were there a long time ago.

Why any gamers support this company is beyond me.

Razzer217d ago

Agree. Sony will have delivered more exclusives before E3 this year than MS will be able to announce AT E3.

ruegeaL216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

"Why any gamers support this company is beyond me."
- because the legend of teh cLouDz awesomeness is just too much to pass. tell me what console out there can run 4x more as it is designed with this powah.

who needs this turdfest of a game (i mean who in the world would support a game with dragons) when ms can release unique and innovative games like..........forza, gears and halo. their system killers of upcoming games that will dwarf any last of us or uncharteds such as........cuphead

but either way, whatever article out there you see is never damage is for the good of gamers and humankind. trust savior spencer's word will heal the planet.