Red Dead Redemption 2 Release Date Possibly Outed writes "Leaks are one thing, but when a retailer which is supposed to know its way around these things messes up your big reveal, it's bound to sting."

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ShadowWolf712376d ago

Nah man, that's WAY too soon.

PapaBop376d ago

How so? I'm sure Rockstar have had people working on the development ever since GTA 5 first came out and going by that release date, that would have gave them 4 years for development.

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SoulMikeY376d ago

Either way it's a no. Oct 2 is a Monday, Feb 10 is a Friday, which Europeans often get, but it's not coming til fall.

micbrc376d ago

Probably pre gta v they have numerous studios all working on individual titles

ShadowWolf712376d ago

I'm not used to the day and month being swapped. My bad.

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smashman98376d ago

How is that way too soon that's exactly around the time Rockstar stated it would be out

curtis92375d ago

Hey man, we in America... yeah sometimes we mix dates up because we were taught the wrong format -- among other things. I would say we're working on it but, yeah, totally not.

smashman98375d ago

Lol I saw currency sign and my mind automatically switches

Aenea376d ago (Edited 376d ago )

October 2nd is too soon? It's supposed to drop this Fall so that seems to be right to me....

Wait, you thought February 10 didn't you? :) It's an UK date tho!

ecchiless376d ago

Not just UK many countries use the day/month/year format, so yea ppl from usa gonna read that wrong xD

Aenea375d ago


Yeah I know, am from the Netherlands myself 😉

The reason I said UK date is that it's an UK website with UK prices....

Gamesgbkiller376d ago

Mmmmm, add No. of delays and you get the real release date.
I don't mind getting this next year.

angelsx376d ago

Hopefully they stick to this year.

CyrusLemont376d ago

Oooh very exciting! This will be Rockstar's first current gen game built from the ground up. Hopefully this heralds a lot of new AI and graphic tech by them. Going to be dope on Scorpio and PPro.

blu3_puls3376d ago

It sounds about right, after all Rockstar did say Fall 2017. Gonna be a pre-order from me regardless cause I'm sure everyone been waiting for a long time for the sequel now.

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The story is too old to be commented.