What a Game's Trophies Can Tell You About its Players

If you factor in how PSN also shows the total percentage of the playerbase with the same trophy, it's almost a database of behaviour.

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Gamist2dot0569d ago

For a "difficult game", I'm surprised almost 64,000 people got the platinum for Bloodborne. That game was worth it!

CocoaBrother568d ago

One of my proudest platinums next to Velocity 2x, Digimon: Cyber Sleuth, and Killzone Mercenary.

joab777568d ago

I think they patched it, but K2 was one of mine b/c of the fight with Radek on elite! Insanely hard!

Liqu1d568d ago (Edited 568d ago )

Aside from the chalice dungeons it's actually not that hard. Souls games platinums aren't actually that difficult really.

Imonaboat1568d ago

Yup .. Just unforgiving when it comes to mistakes

Outsider-G568d ago

SharePlay could also be a factor in many getting the platinum.

FITgamer568d ago

Hell I've got the platinum for every Soulsborne game.

joab777568d ago

Platinum wasn't too hard, but it wasn't easy either due to the Chalice quest. Still haven't played the dlc. Want to buy the complete edition and play it from the start, w/ the addition of all the new weapons of which many should have been in the base game.

Epic game and they are one of two devs that are currently working on my next favorite game. Can't wait to see what it is. Wouldn't mind a BB follow up though!

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FallenAngel1984569d ago

I still can't understand how there's not one Trophy with a 100% attained rate, especially when there are games that give them to you just for starting up the game

crazychris4124569d ago

Ratchet & Clank tutorial which only takes likes 2 minutes only has 97%, I just platinumed the game yesterday after finally getting the Death by Disco trophy on my 4th playthrough. Only 6% have gotten it.

FallenAngel1984568d ago

R&C: FFA gives you a Trophy just for starting up the story mode and even that doesn't have a 100%

Soldierone568d ago

I'm always curious if these people just never sync, or if they legit got the game, installed it, boot it, then never go further.

rainslacker567d ago

Games install their trophy list before they start. Probably not everyone actually actually starts up past the menu where it pops the trophy. Weird, but it happens I suppose.

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OB1Biker568d ago

I understand its cool for gamers who like it but I hate the attitude of some people digging into others trophies and try to deride others. I even saw that happen for journalists trying to deride gamers who were giving their opinions.

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