Batman's Son Doesn't Need to Be Batman for His Game to Work

Damian Wayne, the Son of Batman and current Robin, may get a game of his own. But instead of being Batman, what if they work to give him his own identity?

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TheBeguiler720d ago

Im all for another Batman game, though I'm not sure if Damian is the right direction. It'd be cool to see a Robin focused title though, beyond the DLC.

GigawattConduit720d ago

Tbh, I'd be down for just a game about all the Robins, chronicling each of them in episodic Hitman-style seasons, but I doubt that'll happen.

CorndogBurglar719d ago (Edited 719d ago )

That is a cool idea! Unfortunately, most people don't understand that there have been a bunch of different Robins and they still think Robin sucks.

Even though Robin hasn't really sucked since Tim Drake took over in the 80's. And they have all been very different, also.

If I were a dev I'm not so sure I would want to risk the money of making a game centered around Robin, simply because of that ignorant opinion that a LOT of people have about him.

These are the same people that think Aquaman sucks and only talks to fish when he actually has many more powers than that and can actually go toe to toe with the likes of Superman.

-Foxtrot719d ago

We need a Nightwing game...who the f*** wants to play as Damian

If I'm playing Batman I want Bruce Wayne

adaminoregon719d ago

I think its time to move away from Batman. Do a different hero. Please.

CorndogBurglar718d ago

Green Lantern game could be awesome.

Kalebninja718d ago

Could've just done a teen titans game like the new comic iteration , I don't want a fifth batman game.

FallenAngel1984718d ago

Don't tell me that DC would actually give Damien Wayne Robin a starring role in a new videogame before any other DC superhero

CorndogBurglar718d ago

They aren't. They're telling you that Damien Wayne Batman would get a starring role in a new video game before any other hero.

FallenAngel1984718d ago

Damien Wayne shouldn't be getting a new game period. DC has plenty of other superheroes that deserve their own games over him