T-break: AMD HD4870 X2 Crossfire : Introduction + Testbed Review

T-break writes: "We recently looked at the HD4870 X2 and were easily convinced that it is currently the fastest single card solution in the market. So we did what any righteous hardware editor would do- put two of them together. Now, if you remember, the X2 by itself shows its true powers at very high resolutions with all details turned on. So you would need a REALLY high-end display to put all four GPUs at maximum work which is something we, unfortunately, don't have.

Also keep in mind that we've ALWAYS had issues with some game or another when testing two newly released graphics card- whether they be in SLI or Crossfire. Constant driver updates are needed to tweak and extract performance, especially out of newly released games. Thus, we were ready to see issues with the X2 Crossfire setup and we certainly ran into them."

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