Xbox's Phil Spencer talks HDR Support, Backward Compatible Multi-Disk Games Digital Purchases & More

Microsoft's Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer likes to interact with the Xbox community on Twitter, and today he took to the social platform to answer a few question, giving some interesting information.

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Kingthrash360741d ago (Edited 741d ago )

Is phil a "her"?
Lol OT tho, I think they should make all xboxone hdr compatable.

Dam moldy.. am I wrong here? All I said was they should make all of them hdr.
That's on topic. Should sony make BC games for ps4? (Other than psnow which dosn't support ps4 games because god knows how much it would cost to get new games on it and the fact that the ps4 still sells and this would hurt console sales if ps4 games were available somewhere else....making the games non exclisuisive to ps4) fully agree...but dam what's wrong with not having to buy a system for just hdr..everyone should be able to play gears/forza in hDr on xbo. You don't need more power for it so why no?

freshslicepizza741d ago

and sony should make their systems backwards compatable instead of promoting psnow (which should also support ps4 games) and charging for ps2 remasters. why do you continue to talk more about a system you dont want to promote than a system you enjoy better? speaking of hdr the only way to get it working on the ps4 is to hook your system up directly to your tv, kind of defeats those who are also interested in audio sound. speaking of which the ps4 does not support dolby atmos. shall we go on? the fact is for $299 the xbox one s offers great value for a game console as well as a decent 4k player that ALSO supports 4k disk drive and will support dolby atmos.

deefrag2003741d ago (Edited 741d ago )

PS4 supports Dolby atmos i've been using it for months.
Whilst the blu ray is playing press options and select Bitstream (direct) in the audio options

Also You will need an HDR compatable receiver to pass through HDR otherwise it wont work, the same applies for 4K. The only Hdmi device I have connected to my TV is my Receiver. everything else is connected to that.

The same applies to my Xbox One S but that currently dosen't support Dolby Atmos

freshslicepizza740d ago

my mistake, i was thinking of dolby hdr and neither the xbox one s or the ps4 will support it.

BizarroUltraman740d ago


Pretty soon Dolby Atmos for Xbox One..already been confirmed.

Vames740d ago (Edited 740d ago )

Yeah, I member!

Member when resolution didn't matter?

mark_parch740d ago

the most interesting thing to take from this is phil said when playing sea of thieves his group meet another group on an island and they were victorious which means they have added hand to hand combat or guns so game must be close to beta stage. i'm expecting beta early next year.