United Front Games closed down - Confirmed

United Front Games has closed down following rumours of its closure earlier this evening. It has now been confirmed.

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UCForce789d ago (Edited 789d ago )


S2Killinit789d ago (Edited 789d ago )

yup. sucks. Sleeping dogs was great.

_-EDMIX-_788d ago

I wish Square Enix purchase them to make a sequel and to have it become an established franchise but I understand that they're a little more conservative with their money nowadays.

iceman06788d ago

Unfortunately, a LOT of people didn't find out or try it until it was at extremely reduced prices or free. Then, they tried the online PC only Triad thing...which just seemed like an aimless Sleeping Dogs. I hate it, because SD was a damn good game and deserved better. Hope it gets passed along for a sequel.

TXIDarkAvenger789d ago (Edited 789d ago )


Sleeping Dogs was great. No idea what they saw with Triad Wars though.

FalloutWanderer2077786d ago

Blame SE for that one. They obviously didn't greenlight a Sleeping Dogs sequel, hence Triad Wars and Smash N Grab. UFG stated they didn't own the rights to the Sleeping Dogs IP, they were as much a victim of circumstance with the reins being held by SE and the fans lost out, a damn shame truly. I hope that they're bought or at the very least some good game companies hire UFG devs.

_-EDMIX-_789d ago

Sad, I'm just going to repost what I stated when it was just a rumor. I hate to hear stuff like this happen in the industry.

To all you guys who feel bad and feel upset that this team is shutting down understand that this team worked on lots of ports and remasters they even worked on the Halo Master Chief collection.

If you constantly cry about remasters and ports don't shed a tear for this company closing down because I'm sure some of those contracts to Port of games would have kept this company alive to still make a few more games.

You cannot express sympathy for a company losing its job yet also get angry at a product existing that they assisted or even created in the first place.

This is one of the many reasons why I'm completely fine with ports and remasters happening and could care less if a Publisher's entire library was remastered or ported

Somebody is getting money from this happening , somebody is experiencing the game that they might have missed out the generation before last and the publisher is getting money to continue to support brand new games that are still being created, it upsets me that most Gamers do not really understand the financial part of Gaming because a team like this closing down could have stayed open if they got a few more contracts to work on ports. Those remasters for some small teams keep the lights on folks.

But I guess it's better they shut down so you don't have to see the existence of a remaster if that makes you guys feel better I guess..

MetalGearsofWar788d ago

Nice. Guilt trip those who want new ips or better sequels. We want more of the games we used to play but with better graphics. And we hate backwards compatibility because it's free and all devs deserve our money.

_-EDMIX-_788d ago

Except this company was never going to develop new intellectual properties with the contracts that they were being handed out , for instance Microsoft handed them the contract to assist in Master Chief collection united front was never going to make Halo 5, Halo 5 was already in production at 343.

Here's another example bluepoint games was handed the contract to port in the entire Uncharted series as well as Gravity Rush they did four of those games literally over the course of maybe 6 months they were never going to make a Gravity Rush 2, they were never going to make Uncharted 5 their job is to transfer games not create them so when you're angry at a port existing it has nothing to do with a brand new game because the people that are making that pork or not making your brand new game they never were that was never their job when you educate yourself on what the practices you'll understand it's actually irrelevant to brand new game design.

Those ports never existing was never going to speed up the development of any other game, consider the examples I just gave you all of games that we're still having sequels in development...not by the team that ported the original.

Bluepoint games made Uncharted 4? Bluepoint games is making the last of us to? Did united front make Halo 5? Do you not understand just tell them that actually sounds? Those teams are there to Port games they're not actually there to make new content the two are absolutely irrelevant to each other.

This is not an either-or and only the slowest, most uneducated gamer seems to think so despite having no evidence to really show anything to prove such a theory.

I'm more than positive Gravity Rush and the Uncharted collection getting ported to PlayStation 4 had absolutely nothing to do with Horizon zero Dawn existence if anything I'd argue that those ports help the development of new intellectual properties continue.

consider Sony bend has been working on days gone for a long number of years, clearly the funds that Sony gets in from ports are assisting in such games even existing in the first place.

Games are not free not having ports doesn't mean more time and more money to develop new games that actually just means less money to do exactly that lol

A port could cost literally a little under 1 million to produce yet a brand new game could cost well over 50 million to develop I'm not even adding in marketing.

The math doesn't add up and simple facts don't support such stupid logic

TheColbertinator788d ago

Ouch. Gonna miss United Front

VsAssassin788d ago

I loved Modnation Racers which they co-developed with Sony San Diego. It's sad to hear news like this, but I pray to God all of its employees get a new job soon!

_-EDMIX-_788d ago

Agreed I hope Sony or Square Enix consider taking in some of those developers. I think Square Enix should take in that team and have them become part of IO interactive or Crystal Dynamics or something or possibly have them work on a sequel to Sleeping Dogs.

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