RIGS Guide: Basics – Getting started

PlayStationVR US will get you started and give you an advantage over the competition by explaining all the basic features of RIGS: Mechanized Combat League in this guide.

Do you like basketball? What about football? Now, imagine giant robots played both these sports with large weapons and various abilities that let them become real killing machines. Does that sound even better?

Well, you will actually be able to find it out by yourself with Rigs: Mechanized Combat League, an exclusive PSVR launch title. Deemed as the first competitive PSVR game, it will also be the first chance for the PlayStation Virtual Reality platform to make its entrance on the eSports scene. Aiming in RIGS is done with the VR headset, you look at your target and that is where the RIG is aiming.

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ArchangelMike764d ago

I can't decide what VR game to try first between Rigs and Eve:Valkyrie... and Battlezone... and Batman.... It's a good problem to have aye! :)

C-H-E-F764d ago

I've heard a few times that batman is like a 45min-1 hour experience. I've also heard that Battlezone and Rigs is top tier games. I played Valkyrie and I just didn't like having to control the ship with my head It would've been better if we could use like the navigation controller and move controller for flying and shooting and allowed us to track the ships we want to shoot at with the visor. I won't pick up Valkyrie at the price point, maybe around 20bucks however it looks fantastic just I was nearly breaking my neck on that thing trying to aim and crap.