FIFA 09 Demo Coming Tomorrow

XeNonX are just giving us a heads up that the FIFA 09 demo from EA is coming to the PSN tomorrow.

From the article:
"FIFA fan or not get the demo and try it, all those PES fans who haven't played the last few games are in for a bit of a shock."

Read the full piece over at XeNonX

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rmatott3745d ago

i cant wait to get my hands on this, is this for the US too? or just uk this week?

chasuk083745d ago

Cant wait, but does anyone know when nba live 09 demo comes out ??

3745d ago
cleanhealthy123744d ago

that argue about systems since they have nothing better to do

BiggDaddy3113744d ago

Why are you here again? lol

farhsa20083745d ago

good news but "football" doesnt come out until PES is out

mariusmal3745d ago

yup. fifa is a "soccer" game. PES is a real football game :D

the_gaming_guy3745d ago

What's that, Pro Evolution SOCCER?...SOCCER? fail.

PopEmUp3745d ago

time they make me buy it cause 08 still haven't move me, until then football is PES

Infinite-Ammo3745d ago

Looking forward to playing this.

The NBA Live 09 demo should come out in a couple of weeks I should think.

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