Instrument Face-off - 'Rock Band 2' vs. 'Rock Band' [Pictures]

Multiplayer's Patrick Klepek writes:

"We can't talk about our impressions of "Rock Band 2? until next weekend, but we can show you the instruments accompanying the release of the music sequel.

Both the "Rock Band 2? and original "Rock Band" instruments are now taking up valuable space in my apartment, but that made it convenient to shoot some comparison shots between the sets.

Check out the pictorial below, and if there's anything you want answered about "Rock Band 2," leave a comment, and we'll make sure to address it soon."

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SixZeroFour3719d ago

i thought there were cymbal pads on the rock band 2 drum set?

rCrysis3719d ago

attachment cymbals. then there's the ion drum set...might get it...cuz I drum in real life =].

mugoldeneagle033719d ago

For confirming that I dont need to waste more money on the exact same drums.

Now that instrument compatibility is worked out, I'll be buying the premium Guitar Hero World Tour package and just the Rock Band 2 game. If there's one thing Activision has going for them, it's better instruments (excluding the Ion Drum Kit)

Rock Band 2 FTW though...