Forza Horizon available to download for free on Xbox

Neil writes "It may have already gained one sequel and it may have another coming real soon, but that doesn't mean you should be dismissing the original Forza Horizon out of hand...especially when it's free to download."

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christocolus690d ago (Edited 689d ago )

Just started downloading FH3 (pre-load) 46gig. and with FH up on GWG I now own digital copies of all 3 FH games :)

Don't forget to pick up the free dlcs from the xbox store. The list of free dlcs are in this link below.

SirJoJo689d ago

So where do you pre-download the game? as i'm searching the xbox store on my X1 and the only option is a pre-order.

christocolus689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

Once you pre-order, it appears under your ready to install menu on your Xbox One. After downloading you won't be able to launch the game until it's release date.

KiwiViper85689d ago

My pre order is 410mb. Whys yours 46Gb?

christocolus689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

Lol. I have no idea bro. I think the option to pre-install came up on the day it went gold(a few days ago). I just pre-ordered the standard edition yesterday and was immediately given the option to pre-install the game before the official launch date. You should check under the updates menu on your Xbox one.

KiwiViper85689d ago (Edited 689d ago )

Cheers. Will do

What's your game tag? See you in Australia?

esmittystud101690d ago (Edited 690d ago )

Nobody in the business markets better than Microsoft when it comes to upcoming titles (Forza Horizon 3). A lot of guys will download Forza Horizon and realize what they have been missing out on and then run out and pre order Forza Horizon 3 (Ultimate Edition Sold out in my town). Maybe even going out and getting Forza Horizon 2 as well. Which is probably cheap now. I'm sure they have a version with all the DLC by now.

Last year Microsoft had the same strategy with Tomb Raider. They gave us all Tomb Raider D.E. for free on X1. So I played it. Liked it so much I ran out and pre ordered Rise of The Tomb Raider. So hats off to Microsoft for there strategy and giving us all a great game. Myself, has never played Forza Horizon but I do have Forza Horizon 2 and I just preorder Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate Edition yesterday.

Here, I'm cussing Microsoft last night when preordering FH Ultimate Edition because it has a Friday release of Sept. 23 wondering why wait till Friday when games come out on Tuesdays they are giving us the game four days early with the Ultimate Edition because the regular version comes out Sept. 27. LOL. Stupid me.

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KiwiViper85689d ago

It's early because of ultimate edition early access. Unlock on Saturday morning at 5am for me. Got my mum organised to have my daughter for the weekend, and have booked Monday Tuesday off work, because we all know that's what holidays are supposed to be used for, right?

rainslacker689d ago

yeah, using older games in a franchise to promote newer ones is always been one thing I've said is a great way to use this service, and could always bring in more people to a franchise. Always something I liked about these types of services.

Ironically, PS+ got Tomb Raider for PS3 right after they released the definitive edition on PS4. Then not too long after they announced it was exclusive. Kind of a kick in the balls there.

game4funz690d ago (Edited 690d ago )

This is happening often where we get more then the games with gold offerings. I'll try it out.

Recently we got beyond good and evil which is an amazing game.

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