9 Sequels That Kinda Sucked

Jason Pettit writes, "Every series has one game in it that just doesn’t compare to the rest. This can happen for a number of reasons; limited budget, trying to fix what isn’t broken, or a game is handed off to a completely different team that doesn’t understand what makes the series so special. Here are nine cases of sequels gone wrong."

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MrBrofist789d ago

This is the dumbest list ever conceived.
DKC Returns was by far one of the best platformers to come out Last gen. The level design was top notch and you can play as Diddy after you beat the game 100%.

Other M was good too. People just hated the narrative and we're upset with how Samus was being portrayed in the game.

phoenixwing789d ago

I agree that this list is dumb. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a stellar game. Not a terrible sequel. Not to mention that Chrono Cross is a good game in its own right. The only negative someone can claim is that they didn't carry exactly off from the original games storyline.

ShinMaster789d ago

I'm gonna take a wild guess before I actually read it and say that the complaint with Chrono Cross is that it wasn't Chrono Trigger 2.

Gaming4Life1981789d ago

yea this list is a joke. I have played most games on the list and I can assure that they didnt suck. Other M, chrono cross, ff x2, grandia 3, donkey kong country returns and xenosaga were all good games.

I wanted to play ff tactics advance because I loved ff tactics but I never got around to it. I might give it a try since phoenixwing said it was stellar.

phoenixwing789d ago (Edited 789d ago )

It is a ton of fun imo. I would recommend using an emulator and gba rom so you don't have to deal with buying a gba if you have to. I mean at this point it's not going to help nintendo if you buy used anyway might as well play on your computer with save slots

The story may be more simple but it is a good story none the less.

ShinMaster789d ago (Edited 789d ago )

You could play as Diddy years ago without needing to beat the game at 100%. And forced motion controls were always a weak point in Wii games.

And yeah, the narrative in Other M wasn't good and once again forced motion controls were a thorn in a game with otherwise good gameplay mechanics. Pointing at the screen to find some random bit of info and coming to a complete stop in the middle of combat to use missiles was awful.

MrBrofist789d ago

You mean like aiming with the Wii remote to give you accurate aiming like in Prime 3?

Sit down dunce cap

MrBrofist789d ago

You could play as Diddy in co op mode. Also DK is the main character who bare in mind only playable in two of the four main series games before Returns.

And the motion controls were simple and used sparingly and they had to because Wii remotes has limited buttons and everyone didn't have classic controllers.

Faulting that as a reason for not liking the game makses as much sense as saying DKC 2 sucked because DK wasn't playable.

ZeekQuattro789d ago

Never understood the hate for Other M. I thought it blended older Metroid games with newer ones nicely. As for Grandia 3 it differenly wasn't as good as 2 but it was still a fun game and I miss its combat system. Wish they still made that series or at the very least I wish I could find an RPG that played like Grandia in combat.

Darkfist_Flames789d ago (Edited 789d ago )

Other M didnt suck, but it did have some problems like that motion controls gimmick

MrBrofist789d ago (Edited 789d ago )

You barely had to use motion controls and it's not like they were super complicated or anything.

The motion controls worked well and was very simple. Point at the screen for first person view tilt remote to regenerate health.

If you can't do that...then you just plain suck at video games