Saints Row is Dead and Volition and Deep Silver Have Killed it

It’s a real shame that Volition had lost faith in its original IP as Saints Row, as GTA-like as some might have you believe it to be, was a truly unique gaming experience.

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-Foxtrot821d ago

The funny thing about Saints Row is that when the sequel came out it was, at the time, facing GTA4...yet in my opinion I felt like Saints Row 2 give me a better GTA experience then GTA4.

It was a perfect blend of an open world game that knew when it had to be serious and not go too far over the top.

Yet despite this they threw it all away with Saints Row 3

hiredhelp821d ago

Mr fox I said simular when the game first come out,For me I loved the whole gangs working with you help you out while attacking other gangs as well as offering you all the open level design like GTA Series untill saints row 3 and onwords what happened such a huge change.
Put me off made me frankly disapointed to me they killed what could been great franchise.
(Just my opinion)

Cy820d ago

Definitely. I always thought the Saint's Row series took the GTA formula and perfected it. Until SR3 and 4, which were piles of crap that focused way too much on "lol so random" humor and got rid of 2s excellent character creator.

sullynathan820d ago

They perfected nothing. Gta V is the closest to perfecting the formula

IceKoldKilla820d ago

No way is or was Saints Row better than GTA overall. GTA San Andreas to this day is one of my favorite games. I have owned it on all systems. PS2 (back in the day and rebought to play on my PS3 60GB), Xbox (to play on Xbox 360), PC (for mods when it cost 20€), Android (just to try it), PS3 Android port (HD) and now on PS4. GTA V though has become better in many ways. The mechanics, graphics, story telling (although the early 90s setting in the West Coast can't be beat), amount of vehicles, customization, GTA Online (although making it hard to earn money sucks!), etc. SR was dope and good when bored of GTA but it was too cartoon, HORRIBLE mechanics especially in cars and pointless after a while.

MyDietEqualsGames819d ago

SR IV was the sizzling shizzle. I had so much fun on it, on Steam. Man. *looks up into the sky while reminiscing*

Nitrowolf2820d ago

That's the issue with the series

I thought the first two were decent but I enjoy them a lot more for at least having a serious tone

They really took that whole GTA 4 feedback that people hated about the game with it not having some crazy silly fun.

That's why I really couldn't get into the new one at all because it was just way too over-the-top they went too far with it in my opinion

RandomGamer820d ago

I agree , Saints Row 2 was amazing . Then they just went pointlessly over the top over the next few games and ruined it .

neutralgamer1992820d ago

Could not agree more fox

Saints row 1 was good
Saints row 2 was great

Saints row 2 reminded us of old gen gta games like gta 3,vc and sa

I don't know why they felt the need to totally throw all that away with future saints row games

It had potential
It actually sold well

I would love to get a proper saints row game more in line with saints row 2 with bigger open world, bugger story with comedy and seriousness mixed up

No Way820d ago

I personally didn't care for the "wonky" atmosphere the later games started to obtain. I, however, loved the first two games.. they were pretty damn good. I'm still waiting for a game that plays like Saints Row (or, GTA/Mafia) and has mechanics like the old PC game "Gangsters: Organized Crime." Like, when is that going to happen.. =/

stefan_771820d ago

Saints Row 3 is my favourite, despite how poorly told the story was. The gameplay is great and I found it very funny

819d ago
ChickeyCantor819d ago

> Yet despite this they threw it all away with Saints Row 3

Because there was no point in competing with GTA with a serious narrative.

ape007819d ago (Edited 819d ago )

i loved sr1 and sr2 a lot but let's get serious , against GTA IV, they felt cheap and generic and ps2 like experience, sr2 was heaps fun don't get me wrong but it was GTA IV and its legendary nextgen leap that made volition go crazy, they were like "there's no way we can touch that level of quality,,,,,,.... plan B, let's make it wacky and crazy" and they did, SR 3 was good overall but not as good as SR1 or SR2 and didn't buy SR4 since it's basically a saints row 3 Mod, downloaded the PSN plus free SR4 DLC and it sucked bad :(, johnny gat u were the man in SR1 and 2

Volition is a pretty damn good company, Red faction 1 on PS2 was fantastic, so was SR1 and SR2.......what happened to them??

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FlyingFoxy821d ago

SR1 was decent but it lacked some things already in GTA.

I personally think GTA Vice City and San Andreas are the most fun in the genre. SR went from kinda half serious to plain over the top, the problem with over the top is that it can become boring a little quickly IMO.

Like another review site mentioned it was like having cheats enabled almost through the entire game of SR 4, not to say it's a bad game.. it's decent, but i think it loses a sense of challenge a bit when you get all kinds of super powers and stuff like that.

These games need a fine balance between fun and realism, too realistic = no fun, too over the top = becomes boring quickly. Just my opinion, of course.

SarcasticDuck820d ago

yup, another example of "too over the top" is Deadpool (the game) (although the gamepley was also a big boring factor in deadpool)

Cy820d ago

Saint's Row 2 was better than any GTA game except maybe 5. I wish they would HD remaster it for current gen consoles.

ninjazfistz820d ago (Edited 820d ago )

Agree wholeheartedly.

Get the PC version on GOG or Steam until then maybe?

mezati99820d ago

no matter what stay the f*** away from the PC version, one of, if not The worst port ever made

and lol at saying SR is even in the same league as GTA

ninjazfistz820d ago


So you must enjoy the really awesome console version better LOL. There is no comparison. I have owned the ps3 version when it was free for ps plus and its weak to put it nicely.

PFFT819d ago (Edited 819d ago )

I highly agree! SR did stuff that GTA could barely dream of. SR raised the bar. Its a shame what they have done with this amazing series.

ape007819d ago

LMAO SR is generic and shallow compared to any gta game.......yes SR1 and SR2 were good but compared to the legendary gta it's generic and shallow, no game has the amazing feel of the gameplay or environment than GTA, that what makes it legendary

MyDietEqualsGames819d ago

Was better than GTAIV, at least to me. GTAV is just a masterpiece, though. It's probably the greatest open world game with tons of legit and unique things to do of any game I have ever played.

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ThunderPulse820d ago

SR4 was an awesome game but the DLC was meh.

ChrisW820d ago

SR4 was nothing but a full-priced expansion of SR3. It should have been SR3 DLC.

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