Short Pause Podcast #82: No Man's Sky Impressions, FFXV Delayed, & Our Interview w/ Stormcloud Games

"Ben's out of town, so that leaves Brent, Bender, and Frankie to breakdown
all of the latest and greatest in the world of gaming. The fellas talk
about what they like and don't like about No Man's Sky so far. As a special
treat, we we're fortunate enough to sit down with Stormcloud Games' Richard
Wood, producer of the rogue-like dungeon crawler, [email protected]"

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tazmeah855d ago

Seeing as I was never "misled" by Hello Games, Sony, or anyone for that matter, and since I didn't try and imagine this game would be anything more than what I expected, I still found No Man's Sky rather dull (personal preference). I respect Sean Murray's passion, it's obvious he loves the game he created, and I still look forward to future title from Hello Games, but I just feel like I'm just not into these types of resource management/survival games. Even though it has some similarities to Minecraft (another "popular" game I can't get into), I feel like the sci-fi angle of No Man's Sky is much more appealing than Minecraft, so that's a bonus I suppose. I'm thrilled that there are lots of gamers out there who are embracing No Man's Sky though, it's just not my cup o' tea.

TheDude79855d ago

I'm not as deep into it as some other people are, but I do hope that if/when I hit 20+ hours played, I hope the experience expands a little bit more and I'm rewarded for all my time gathering resources, upgrading my multi-tool and ship, and exploring alien languages thoroughly. That's my only fear, that it doesn't offer more than that, even though it's pretty addicting early on. I need something to keep me going

855d ago