Suicide Squad Comes to Injustice [Mobile]

The latest update is the largest to hit the game in over a year, bringing fresh content for both new and returning players.

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ServerBOT781d ago

Damn it only for mobile version.

nato25781d ago

Guess Will Smith didn't want his likeness in the game or they didn't pay him enough ha

WeAreLegion781d ago

I'm surprised he wanted his likeness in the movie.

mafiahajeri781d ago

He ain't no dead shot with those goofy ears, he'll always be the prince of be air to me

P_Bomb781d ago

Aargh, was hoping this was for consoles too. But mobile? Really?

CorndogBurglar781d ago

My god they made Joker so stupid looking in this movie.....

Mr Marvel781d ago

A creepy dude dressed up as a clown... how is it any different from any other Joker?

CorndogBurglar780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

You can't honestly tell me that you didn't notice all the lame tattoos and gold teeth.

And if you do have eyes and noticed them then you can't tell me that he doesn't look any different than the classic Joker look.

He looks lame.

Inzo781d ago

Absolutely agree, he looks like a pimp with green hair. If want to see what the Joker should look like, watch the Killing Joke. F*^#@ Hollywood!

2pacalypsenow780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

Hes actually more like the comics joker, minus the tattoos.

CorndogBurglar780d ago

That may be but he still looks stupid as hell.

-Foxtrot780d ago

He's basically a gangster

Count_Bakula780d ago

Ayer said he was influenced by "Instagram drug lords" so that tells you what crap studio decisions we're dealing with. The Joker isn't a character that requires additional flair and fluff. People need to face it, Ayer and Snyder are terrible and have no business garnering hype for DC projects; Warner chose wrong and they're now reaping what they've sown.

CorndogBurglar780d ago

You hit the nail on the head.

Joker always considered his style to be classy.

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Mr Marvel781d ago (Edited 781d ago )

I got excited until I realised it was just mobile garbage. Disappointing.

780d ago
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