Red Dead Redemption Now Available On Xbox One, But What Of Rockstars Other Classics?

Daniel writes "After months of speculation, accidental launch, and a leak or two, Rockstar Games finally released 2010 classic western shooter Red Dead Redemption onto Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility list today, a move that is proving to be very popular amongst fans of the game and no doubt the studios bank balance alike. But what of Rockstar Games other classic titles from the Xbox 360 era, what game would most likely be next in line for a move over?"

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EazyC771d ago (Edited 771d ago )

LA Noire, Midnight Club 3 & LA, and Mad Max 3 would be cool!

Resis7ance771d ago

I'd like to see L.A Noire on the Xbox One, I thoroughly enjoyed it on the 360.