IGN: Valhalla Knights 2 Hands-on Preview

IGN writes:

"We've taken a couple peeks at Valhalla Knights 2 over the past few months, but the good folks at XSEED were kind enough to slip us a nearly complete review version of the game, and we (okay, I) couldn't wait for the full review to dive into the game a little and explore some of the stuff we haven't yet talked about, namely first impressions of the all but finished game and how the first few hours will treat you.

In the past, we focused on getting the lay of the land in terms of actual game mechanics, quests, game length and the kind of environments you'll eventually discover. We also delved a little more deeply into the game's basic battle mechanics, so we've got the general stuff covered. This time around, I'll take you on a little tour of the initial start-up process."

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